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Are you looking for a place that offers different types of classes, community building activities, that focuses on health and wellness all under one roof?
Urban Sanctuary is int he heart of the historic five points and we are happy to be able to feature several lovely souls who want to share their gifts with those who want to receive them. We have a range of classes from yoga to community acupucture, to workshops on ayurvedic massage. Our studio is warm and inviting and supports the healing journey of all who inters its doors.

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Moon- Yoga and Meditation

Urban Sanctuary

Come be surrounded by candles, and twinkling lights for this mixed yoga class of asana and meditation.

What a blissful way to end your day and the week.

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All of our memberships are on a sliding scale and include unlimited monthly class es

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TAROT & FLOW Yoga Online & in Studio

Urban Sanctuary

Join this magical class where the use of tarot cards will give the students clarity, guidance, and direction.
A Reading will be done at the beginning of class, another at the end, and in-between, your beautiful practice.

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You can join us on our online studio US@Home or in person at our studio.

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Kemetic Movement

Urban Sanctuary

The movement of this class is from the Africa Egyptian movement of Kemetic Yoga.

This practice is the original yoga that was practiced thousands of years before it made its way to India.

When you look at pictures on the pyramids you can see the poses that we practice on our mats today!

Come learn a different flow and be a part of this movement.

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Introduction to Connecting Vinyasa

Needs a location

Recommended Props: Mat, Two Blocks, a strap

Ashtanga Vinyasa a branch of yoga where the forms and shapes are linked together poses with vinyasas. [plank → chaturanga (half push-up) → up dog → down dog]. The workshop is for those looking to refine their vinyasa alignment to maintain a lifelong practice. You’ll learn many of the alignment tips & tricks to finding your 90-degree bend in your chaturanga. How to build the strength to lower from plank to the floor with control. How to protect your low back in upward facing dog and your float into forward fold. All the things there’s never enough time for in a drop-in class!

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