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MORE people believe Elvis is alive than deny the climate crisis, yet 75% are stressed about Earths’ future, & need help re Self & Relationship Care. We're all a bit stressed about the Earth, Climate Change, and the future of humanity right? Some of us are also depressed. Eco anxiety is a perfectly normal and very common emotional reaction to climate crisis. But what is it about human behavior that makes it all so difficult for us to shake our climate anxiety and feeling of helplessness and powerlessness?

Talking about our earth-feelings helps us feel better, reduces stress/anxiety, and improves our relationships and conversations with others, especially partners, family and workmates. Gather in our spacious home at 1st and Commercial once per month to listen, share earth emotions, develop coping strategies, and heal, over luscious tea/coffee/eco-yummies!

SCIENTISTS have found that whether its subconscious or conscious, a lot of our little daily worries / stress / triggers are linked to concerns about the future of earth, climate, and humanity. Want to uncover and explore your earth-emotions, process your climate feelings, and develop stress-relief solutions with like-minded people?

IN this Meetup, we develop coping solutions, get rid of big fear, process little anxiety, bond with our inner environmentalist, and feel future-positive. We will learn the intricacies of how to maintain the delicate balance between pessimism, optimism, and denial. Finish off the evening with a brief Hakuna Matata disco dance party, or Yoga, or Meditation,....the group decides! Together, we create communities to develop practical and easy to use earth solutions to implement in our daily lives, for self and planetary care.

WE often feel helpless and powerless about the future of earth and humanity. Climate Change is the worst crisis in human history. It will affect us all. Billions will be forced to relocate, climate wars will increase, economies will shift, society will change, and scores will die. Billions of animals are already dead. Richmond and Delta will likely go under water within our lifetimes. We may not be able to turn the Titanic, but we can care for ourselves, help friends, family, community, and Earth. Come to a MEGA Meetup and Make Earth Great Again.

HAS climate change affected your relationships or made you feel worried, stressed, or depressed? Eco Anxiety is the most rapidly growing medical disorder on earth, manifesting as headache, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, stress, insomnia, and even major illness and death. Meetups about climate and the Earth’s future are huge, with nearly ½ million members globally. Now Vancouver has its own. In fact, we started 2!

IT'S a heavy burden to carry. Regardless if you are an optimist or a pessimist, full of ideas and solutions, or downright dejected, let’s talk and get our earth-emotions out there in a safe and supportive environment with yummy drinks and eco snacks. If you are concerned about Panda’s, Koala’s, Giraffes, and Polar Bears, or Wildfires, Melting Ice, Floods, Warming and Rising Oceans, Greenhouse Gasses, Climate Refugees, Poverty, Disease, or EOH (end of humanity), or if you just want to quietly listen or learn, this professionally facilitated meetup helps you dive deep to explore feelings about the Earth’s future, reconcile, and feel great.

WE often tell ourselves not to worry about it. Why bother? It’s out of our control. Someone else will solve the problem. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg says the opposite: nobody is solving the problem and we need to PANIC, now. Many of us feel stuck in the middle between panic, denial, and helplessness. Media images of rising seas, animal extinctions, fires, floods and climate refugees affect us all. Talking about our “earth feelings” is a great feel-good strategy with manifest health benefits. We’ll even arrange special “forest-bathing” trips to hug trees to boost feelings of happiness and well-being.

WHETHER you are 20 or 80, you are welcome here. Join Activist / Scientist Andy Miller for rousing and heartfelt discussions with each other and with special guests. Each meetup starts with an emotion “check-in” with each participant. Then we collectively decide on a theme for a group discussion. Then we get vulnerable.

ANDY spent 20 years as Staff Scientist, conducting earth, culture, and economy studies for a major national charity. He has multiple degrees in Biology, Science, and Social Psychology. His current work helps “Earth Entrepreneurs” develop successful business and marketing models. Andy is also an Earth Coach, helping people develop a lighter footprint and reduce stress/anxiety. Andy is a member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, an international team of thousands of professionals, helping examine and solve eco anxiety.

If these Quotes stir up emotions in you, then This Meetup is for you.

• “We have to do something braver than just try to save the world we have known, we must accept the fact that the world we have known is going to change in hideous and damaging ways.” ―Bill McKibben

• “Acceptance does not mean surrender. It does not mean resignation. Acceptance means I am finally available to the entire spectrum of creative responses.” ―Trebbe Johnson in Radical Joy For Hard Times

• “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” ―Jiddu Krishnamurti

• “Compassion hurts. When you feel connected to everything, you also feel responsible for everything. And you cannot turn away. Your destiny is bound with the destinies of others. You must either learn to carry the Universe or be crushed by it. You must grow strong enough to love the world, yet empty enough to sit down at the same table with its worst horrors.” —Andrew Boyd

• “(The) unwillingness to face the truth about our time is another form of silencing. Before we can fix our troubled relationship with nature, we must be willing to look at it.” ―Derrick Jensen

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