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What we’re about

This is a Meetup Group for those who are inspired by Africa. 

And, for those who seek adventure with an affinity for the great outdoors. Underpinning the Group will be a motivation that we would like to help those less fortunate than ourselves; in water, in health, in education and in opportunity.

In its early days, the Group will host events and talks and meals that allow us to share our joy of Africa and to increase our knowledge of perhaps the greatest of them all.  As the Group grows, we intend to organise trips (eg Climb Kilimanjaro - see "Pages"), adventure challenges, volunteering opportunities, educational projects and the like. The well being and destiny of the Group lies in our own hands; it is an opportunity for self development. 

Magi 4 Afrika, itself, is an initiative that helps bring safe water to the people of sub-Saharan Africa. In Africa, a thirsty little boy or girl dies every minute of every hour, every day. It is a shocking indictment that one in eight of our brothers and sisters has no safe water; one billion people do not have access to safe water; 370 million of these live in sub-Saharan Africa (that's exactly half the population of Europe).

Magi 4 Afrika, (Swahili for "Water for Africa"), hopes to raise £25,000 to help provide safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation to disadvantaged communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Magi 4 Afrika is about community-led fund-raising, helping to bring people together in support of a great cause. Currently, we are raising £3,500 to fund a rainwater harvesting plant for the under-privileged and remote rural community of Nadasoito, near Arusha in Northern Tanzania.