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What we’re about

This meetup group is for Startups and Entrepreneurs who are building new businesses or disrupting existing businesses with AI

- Does your company pitch say "We will do X better because we use AI?", or "We will bring AI to field X and change how things are done?", or "We will disrupt established companies because we will use AI and they do not?"
- Are you promising your investors that your barrier to entry, efficiency or ability to do things never done before in your industry is because you will use AI?

If so - this meetup group is for you!

Any member of a startup, entrepreneurs, or those contemplating startups that use/leverage AI are welcome. You do not need to be technical or have data science expertise. We will focus on the common challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face when they try to build products that use or rely on AI.

We will cover such topics as
- How do we get started with production-grade AI on a small budget and with minimal data science hiring?
- Most AI courses/tools etc are about training. How do we train, deploy and use, and actually get benefits?
- How do we engage the cloud?
- How do we know if our AI is working?
- How can we show that AI is helping our customers? 

- I have some data, is it enough?

- Someone told me I must use Deep Learning, but Deep Learning is very complicated. What do I do?
- Etc.

We expect most if not all of our events to be free and will have both an on-site meeting room and an online conference call dial in.