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Building Platforms, #5: State Management Frameworks and Decision Making
At Wix Engineering, we built a platform that enables everyone to create a website or web application, abstracting away the many technical details required to bring a website from idea to production. This brought about many software challenges and interesting ideas on how to solve them. In this meetup, the 5th in the Front-end Platforms Builders meetup series, we’ll share with you what we’ve learned and the conclusions we’ve reached regarding State Management Frameworks and development process’ decision making. Please note: lectures will be in English. You can find the all the videos from the previous Front-end Platforms Builders meetup series in this special playlist: Schedule: 18:00 - 18:30 - Gathering, drinks and food 18:30 - 19:15 - Build your own Redux: Why State Management Frameworks Aren't Always the Immediate Answer / Roy Sommer 19:15 - 19:30 - Break 19:30 - 20:15 - The Ultimate Guide for Software Procrastination / Boris Litvinsky Build your own Redux: Why State Management Frameworks Aren't Always the Immediate Answer - Roy Sommer Nowadays, it might be difficult for us to think about a large-scale React application that does not utilize a state management framework, such as Redux or MobX. But do we always need them? In the course of the talk, we'll go over what makes them so popular, what are the problems that they really solve, and see how we can come up with solutions by fashioning our own versions of "Redux" that solve exactly what our own apps need solving. Bio: Roy is a Software Engineer on the Wix OS team. A tech enthusiast since he was young, Roy tends to appreciate not only the quality and robustness of the code, but also the process of producing it, and therefore enjoys tackling challenges from new and exciting perspectives. Roy has worked with various fields and technologies including Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Orchestration platforms and Applicative Backend. The Ultimate Guide for Software Procrastination - Boris Litvinsky Software development is a process comprised of decisions made by the developers. But despite the fact that some decisions can have a long-lasting, crippling effects on our app, we base some of our choices on guesses. But what if the best decision is indecision in favour of meticulous consideration? What if you could postpone most of your decisions until you gather enough facts to make the optimal one? In this talk, we will learn why deferring decisions can result in a much better, simpler code base. We’ll see examples of the decisions that we think we have to make on day 1 of the project, yet they can and should be postponed. We’ll then see how practices like Spikes and the right design of your application allows that to happen. Bio: Boris is a Tech Lead at Wix, working on products that empower over 130 million websites. During his career, Boris got a chance to work in various companies – from a garage-stage startup to a colossal corporate environment. Boris believes that the code quality of a given product, has a direct impact on its external quality – the business value that the product gives management and its owner. Because of that and more, Boris has an immense passion for well-written, highly maintainable and well-tested code. See you there!

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