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At Wix Engineering (http://wix.engineering) we have internal tech talks every week as part of our guilds activities. We believe that knowledge sharing should be the cornerstone of our industry and hence created this community where people can share the things they learned about software engineering, design, leadership and scale.

We will also publish here all the meetups at Wix Tel-Aviv on our amazing roof, our cool and ever expanding offices in Be'er-Sheva, Haifa and at other locations.

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• Kyiv, Ukraine (https://www.meetup.com/Wix_Kyiv/)

• Dnipro, Ukraine (https://www.meetup.com/Wix-Ukraine-Meetup-Group/)

• Vilnius, Lithuania (https://www.meetup.com/Wix-com-tech-talks-in-Vilnius/)

We are always looking for excellent people in Tel Aviv, Be'er-Seva and Haifa. Check out our job openings at: http://www.wix.com/jobs/home or send your resume to: jobs@wix.com

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How to Build a Scalable Application? Introducing Repluggable

//Please notice: * The meetup will be online and the talk will be in English. * Link to the event will only be visible to people who RSVP. * The online meetup will be held on October 29, 16:00, IL Time Zone, GMT +3:00 // How to Build a Scalable Application? Introducing Repluggable- Itay Shtekel For the past years, we've been building large and complex applications at Wix. As a product grows, it usually becomes more challenging to manage. * How do you keep the velocity? * Can you have a specific team develop and deploy only a part of an application? * What if you want to reuse code in multiple products? * How do you build to scale while keeping cross-cutting concerns easy to control? * How do you create various experiences for the same product? * How can you replace a specific module without compromising product integrity? After we've accumulated substantial mileage in creating these applications we've decided to systematically address those pain points with Repluggable, our new micro frontends framework. It introduces a robust foundation of developing for modularity and scale from the start, with strong design principles and inversion of control. Join us to hear more about how this solution works. It's open-sourced - so you can use it too! // Bio Itay Shtekel is a software architect at Wix. He's a co-author of the Repluggable library and is guiding dozens of developers through building the Wix’s complex EditorX - a tool that incorporates more than 5 years of editors building experience in Wix. Prior to that, Itay was a software developer at 8200.

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