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At Wix Engineering (http://wix.engineering) we have internal tech talks every week as part of our guild activities. We believe that knowledge sharing should be the cornerstone of our industry and hence created this community where people can share the things they learned about software engineering, design, leadership and scale.

We will also publish here all the meetups at Wix Tel-Aviv on our amazing roof, our cool and ever expanding office in Beer-Sheva, and at other locations.

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We are always looking for excellent people in Tel Aviv and in Beer-Seva. Check out our job openings at: http://www.wix.com/jobs/home or send your resume to: jobs@wix.com

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Women in Tech, #10: Non Linear Careers and Winning Negotiation Coding Games

WIX - Bitan 26, Namal Tel Aviv

If you love technology, are passionate about coding and empowering diversity in the tech world - come join us for our 10th “Women in Tech Forum” meetup. ** Please notice the meetup's location: Bitan 26, Namal Tel Aviv. Check out our dedicated YouTube playlist with all videos from previous meetups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx7L_2VkfR4&list=PL_dMh3xjQSU9jQQgmE0WdVn8a36lNBErl The forum will be held in Hebrew and it is open to both women and men. // Schedule: 18:00 - 18:30 - Gathering, drinks and food 18:30 - 19:30 - The magic of Non-Linear Careers – how I reinvented myself 3 times (and counting) / Noga Tal 19:30 - 19:40 - break 19:40 - 20:30 - Let's Play a Game - the Haggling Coding Competition/ Nurit Moscovici & Yulia Stolin // The magic of Non-Linear Careers – how I reinvented myself 3 times (and counting) - Noga Tal Wondering if you should change careers? Worried about choosing a new path and making it stick? The good news is that non-linear career paths are quickly becoming the new norm; gone are the days of climbing ladders and staying in the same role or discipline until retirement. In this talk Noga Tal will shares her own personal journey of exploration and a non-traditional career path - from consumer marketing to non-profits to tech - and the lessons learned along the way about career transitions, self-discovery and finding a path that’s right for you. // Let's Play a Game - the Haggling Coding Competition - Nurit Moscovici & Yulia Stolin Haggling is a negotiation game, it consists of rounds of negotiation between pairs of players trying to agree on how to split a set of assets, while striving to maximize their score. In Outbrain we used haggling as a coding challenge in the form of a hackathon which swept up the entire R&D organisation; keeping everyone playing, strategising, coding, hacking & learning - all in two weeks of pure energy and fun. The winning team (out of 41 teams!) was interestingly comprised only of women engineers. Our secret sauce? Both in our teamwork and game strategy was - collaboration! In this talk we'll tell you more about the haggling game, how we leveraged it as an R&D organisation wide learning activity, and how we won! Bio /// Noga Tal is Head of Strategic Partnerships Initiatives at Microsoft for Startups. In her role she’s focused on building and managing some of the company’s newest global startup engagement programs and partnerships, including its focus on female founders and innovation partnerships. Previously, she led different areas of Microsoft’s startup cloud adoption strategy and execution world-wide. Noga is also an advisor and mentor to several Seed stage startups in Tel Aviv. Prior to her work at Microsoft, Noga held various business, product and marketing management roles in the consumer space and in the non-profit industry. Noga is a passionate advocate of women in tech and in her spare time mentors and coaches women on pursuing and developing careers in tech. /// Nurit Moscovici: recently finished an MSc cum laude at the Technion in the field of concurrent data structures for the GPU. She joined Outbrain six months ago as a Software Engineer in the Smartfeed team in a "hybrid" between backend and algorithmic. Before Outbrain Nurit built C++ Embedded programs and highly enjoys the challenge of transitioning to the world of big data. Nurit’s additional passions are painting or reading. /// Yulia Stolin has more than 13 years of hands-on experience in software architecture, specializing in building high volume, scalable, high-performance, distributed data services and systems. She has deep expertise in Big data, NoSQL products, Software architecture and development. She has been working at Outbrain as an Architect in Recommendation Group for almost 3 years. Proud mother of 2 sones and loves traveling with the family, playing tennis, and swimming.

Wix in The North, #1: React Component Wars & Taking Your App Globally

Wix Engineering’s tech meetups are finally heading North! Wix’s meetups focus on deep engineering insights, whether it’s front-end, back-end, mobile, testing or anything in between. This is our first meetup in Haifa, and it will host Wix Engineering Team Lead, Eyal Eizenberg, and WeWork’s Director of Engineering, Yonatan Bergman. ** Please notice the meetup's location: Derech Ha'atzmaut 45, Haifa (WeWork) The meetup will be held in English // Schedule: 18:00 - 18:30 - Gathering, drinks and food 18:30 - 19:10 - React Component Wars / Eyal Eizenberg 19:10 - 19:20 - Break 19:20 - 20:00 - A Whole New World: Taking your app globally / Yonatan Bergman // React Component Wars / Eyal Eizenberg You have a great new idea for a web application that you want to build with React. Awesome! Now comes your first technical question - "which component types do I use?". In this talk we will review the different types of React components, compare their APIs, their use-cases and the best part - put them 'toe to toe' against each other to see which one has the best performance! // A Whole New World: Taking your app globally / Yonatan Bergman So you’ve launched your first service and all your customers in the US love it - great! Now comes the hard part - expanding it around the world. In this talk I’m going to share what I’ve learned from building the PayPal Mobile app and from expanding WeWork’s systems to span the globe. I’m going to cover it all: from translations, UCG, i18n, g10n, money, dates, names and taxes. So that you can expand your app and reach new customers in London, Beijing, Tel-Aviv and Paris. /Bio/ Eyal (Engineering Team Lead @ Wix.com) Eyal has been hitting the JS scene since the evil days of Prototype (that thing that came before jQuery) but finally found his true love... React! Eyal is a Team Leader at Wix and loves helping people overcome problems with their code & product. /Bio/ Yonatan (Engineering Director @ WeWork Technology) Experienced software engineer and manager with an eye for design and a passion for building great products. Focused on consistently improving and nurturing team culture and productivity, as well as empowering those around me.

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