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A warm welcome to the Bangkok Cooking club!

We offer Cooking Classes, Workshops, Recipes, Dining Out, Cooking Demo's, Foodie Films, Day Trips and the list goes on.....

The Bangkok Cooking Club does anything and everything culinary related, each meetup is carefully crafted to provide members with a unique food experience, to learn something new along the way and make kindred friends.

Meet the Team:

The organisers to the Bangkok Cooking Club are inspirational individuals who have led the Bangkok Cooking Club on a diverse culinary journey. They have generously volunteered their own time and knowledge passionately teaching us their skills and favourite recipes.

Sam- is the founder of the group, she has a background in Food Science and has a voracious appetite for learning new culinary skills and cuisines. She gets great delight by seeing other people having a good time in sharing and learning new skills, and hopes that everyone has as much fun at the events as she does!

Gopi- is an eclectic and heartfelt cook, an aficionado of diverse ethnic cooking styles from North Africa to regional Indian cuisine. A wizard with subtle and minimal spicing, he has re-invented classic dishes to sublime effect. Just a wave of his spice wand can transform an otherwise plain dish into something unforgettable. He shares his love and knowledge of food culture with the group unreservedly. You can read more on his blog which explores a world of food, recipes, travel, analysis and culture. (

Maricel is a very passionate vegan chef and special event host. She has been traveling around the world for 5 years and visited over 70 countries. During her travels she collected her favorite dishes from restaurants, vendors and friends all over the world and veganized it. Her passion for food and cooking combined with her knowledge of international cuisine has inspired her to create unique fusion dishes that she introduces to her guests. Her goal is to enchant people with her dishes and travel experiences and inspire to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Stella Bella - made in Thailand and raised in Sydney Australia. When she was 26 years old she had an inner urge to resign from her day job as a Radiographer, pack her life in two suitcase in search of a fulfilling life with passion and purpose.

Fast forward fews later when she's not creatively creating up a wholesome meal or menu, she's with nature moving her body through yoga and trekking out to the rural farms around Thailand and teaching others like you to do the same. She is constantly fuelled by my love and passion for Nutrition, Organic Farming, natural therapies and whipping new delicious healthy menu. She is also a believer in the healing power of living harmoniously with nature and wellness is an active process of becoming aware of making choices toward a healthy, fulfilling and a Stellar life.

The event

The philosophy of the cooking group is that anything culinary related is accepted. Both novice and experienced cooks are encouraged to join, sheer enthusiasm and a willingness to try new dishes is all we ask for. Please look at our previous meetups to find out more about the format of the events.

We encourage you to share your precious recipes so we can learn from each other. If you'd like to do that we'd love to hear from you, please email us in advance so we can coordinate your themed menu and arrange to buy the ingredients.

Where to meet and what to bring:

The venue varies depending on the event and who is hosting. Please check the individual event meetup for the location. The location is usually at another members house, please treat it with the same care and respect you would have for your own house.

If it's a cooking meetup or workshop:

Ingredients and equipment are provided. Feel free to bring your own apron. Recipes will be provided at the event. After we have finished cooking, we can sit down and enjoy eating all what we have prepared family style.

Water, some wine and soft drinks will be provided however it would be appreciated if you could bring a bottle of wine to share amongst the group.

Cost and duration:

Each cooking event will be about 0- 1000thb (depending on the event) and 3-5 hours duration.


The deadline for signing up to an event is 48 hours before it starts, please do not cancel after this time, you will be liable to pay the full price if you're a no show. Thanks for your understanding.

We buy in all the ingredients in advance so you may be liable to pay the full price if you're a no show and your place cannot be replaced. Thanks for your understanding.

***Please be considerate to those who maybe on the waiting and make sure to kindly update your RSVP as soon as possible if your circumstances change. Thank you***

House rules:

• Basic Food hygiene and safety, e.g. washing hands and not mixing food or equipment with raw and cooked food.
• The venue is often hosted at other members houses please treat it with the same care and respect you would have for your own house.

We look forward to welcoming you the Bangkok cooking club and creating memorable culinary experiences together.

See you at the next meetup and happy eating!

Your Event Organizers,

Sam, Gopi, Maricel and Stella


Looking for the next cooks to teach and ideas for future events

We are always looking for new cooks to teach or ideas for future events. If you are interested, please drop us a private message via meetup. Thanks.


The Bangkok Cooking Club

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