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Boat in Camping Lake Sonoma, we will see most of the lake from our kayak
This is a 4 day 3 night boat in camping trip to Lake Sonoma. We will be at Homestead on the Dry Creek Arm of the lake April 28&29. For the first 3 days and 2 nights you will need to have all food, water, and camping gear in your kayak. On Sunday April 30 we pack up everything back in our kayaks. We will be leaving the camping site at 10. We pass the main boat ramp where we can add more water and food to our kayaks for the third night and fourth day. We then paddle to the other side of the lake the Warm Spring Arm and camp at Black Mountain. Please meet at the public boat ramp Friday morning and have your kayak with all your camping gear, food and water ready to launch at 11. This is a easy to moderate paddle. Winds can be a factor which can make the lake challenging. Please be mindful of your kayak and skills before joining this trip. Camping sites are up to 5 miles from the boat ramp. Everyone you need for 3 days and 2 nights must fit into your kayak. Previous kayak camping experience is preferred. You must bring your own food, water, camping gear, and whatever you need for 3 days and 2 nights. On Sunday we will paddle pass by the main boat ramp to pick up additional water, food and supplies for the third night and fourth day. Lake Sonoma boat in camping is primitive. Each camping site had a table, lantern holder, fire pit,and garbage can. Campsites are on a steep hillside. Hazardous conditions may exist. There is portable potties nearby. Please bring toilet paper. There is no potable water. All water must be brought in or filtered. You must bring your own water, food, camping gear and whatever else you need for this trip. REI has a good boat in camping list. Please pack all your food in bear canisters or hang from the lantern holders. The Racoons are a problem at Lake Sonoma. There will be a informal meet and greet happy hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Participating is voluntary. If you choose to participate please bring a food item to share. Most of the camping sites hold between 2-4 tents. Currently I have one site rented at Homestead and one rented at Black Mountain. More sites will be added as I recieve checks. Cost of the trip is $30. You can choose to stay 1,2 or all 3 nights. Cost is same for however many days you stay. All excess monies from the trip will be given to Jerry to help him cover the Meetup site costs. No refunds for this trip. You can have someone else take your place. Parking is included with your camping fees. Schedule is: Friday leave main boat ramp at 11 Saturday explore the dry creek Arm of the lake. We will leave camp at 9:30. Sunday pack up camp and be ready to paddle over to Black Mountain. We will leave camp at 10. It's between 8-10 miles to Black Mountain. Monday morning break camp at or before 10 and paddle back to the main boat ramp. When you sign up you are agreeing you are responsible for yourself. Rain does not cancel

Lake Sonoma Public Boat Ramp

3333 Skaggs Spring Road · Geyserville , CA


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Unlike some other outdoor activities, kayaking requires a heightened degree of awareness and commitment to safety. While casual participation can be rewarding, please be aware that putting yourself at risk can also put your fellow kayaker's at risk as well. Kayaker's Alliance events are not guided tours, but are instead a get together of like interested people.

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