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Breathing Ecstasy: Tantric and Taoist (MCO-meditation etc) Breathwork
In this one hr fifteen min. of class ALONG WITH Various Breathing practices, movements we will cultivate awareness and slowing down to enter subtler aspect of our body to cultivate Ecstasy with conscious breathing and guided visualization and relaxation! 8.15pm-9.30pm donation $10-$20 This meet up will meet once a week and occasionally in weekend to practice, to awaken and evolve in our capacity to feel good in our body, mind and heart opening the energy channels and centers . This meet up is to explore power of breathing to open the potential of bliss and happiness we have when we know how to breathe properly. we will practice varieties of breathing technique that comes from Taoist and Tantric tradition, including Micro Cosmic Orbit Breathing (Meditation). cost $10 -$20 (Nobody will turn away for lack of Fund) Every, Tuesday and Thursday , At Yoga Room Downstair we hope to meet you here.

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What we're about

‘’If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly. From my own experience and from working with patients, I have come to believe that proper breathing is the master key to good health.’’
- Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine

This group is created to support breathing ( and eating) practice that helps us to breathe (and Eat) properly and deepen the nurturing and healing aspect of breath. Breath is life and if our breathing habit is bad it impedes our life force and capacity to alive fully. Many people’s breath is unnaturally shallow. The more we are aware of the breath, the more its natural depth will reestablish itself. Creating more space with the breath allowing to deepen our awareness more in vertical direction helps us to touch space where we know who we really are. its powerful tool to live in present moment and cultivate I-AM- awareness.

The aim of this Circle is co-creating support system to re-learn correct breathing and nurture our body, mind and heart.

The group is Organized and facilitated by Briksha Mahendra.

When we nurture ourselves with correct breathing we will:
• Oxygenate your body and bring more life force in, increasing blood circulation over time with ongoing practice
• Release toxins and blockage to create space for healing to happen
• Be more grounded and empowered
• Feel more relaxed and peaceful
• Feel more present , open and mentally clear
• Feel more connected with self and others
• Feel more energetic and awake.
• Have capacity to stay with your emotion and feel your body as it unfolds to you
• Develop skill to center yourself quickly and be in the moment

Conscious Living is a practice or a way that holds space to nurture and enhance awakening of Self, Other and the World!

Our invitation to you is consider ` Eating and Breathing matters` therefore it is sacred act like anything else in life. Using the age old wisdom of yoga with modern new paradigm of nutrition, ( as brought by some pioneers like Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr David Jubb , Joel Fuhrman , Dr. T. etc) this space will be an attempt to provide a guideline to use eating (and Breathing) that enhance our Nurturing (or Healing ) and Awakening process.

Our Mission: is to provide supports for eating and breathing consciously and wisely that enhances well-being and awakening.

We provide a way and space to practice sacred eating or conscious eating which not only nurture our body, but our heart and mind and spirit and society and globe. Through educational classes, workshop, training, regular dinner, Catering- lunch/dinner boxes and consultation we provide an opportunity for individual to nurture themselves and enhance their awakening process from Prana Food and conscious eating .

Briksha Mahendra
A student of Leonard Orr, founder of the world wide Breathwork movement. (, Briksha draws from a variety of yogic breathing modalities, including Holotropic Breathwork, Clarity Breathwork, and Anapanasati. He has been teaching and leading breathing session for 5 years
Briksha Mahendra combines Integral Insights, Hindu Yogic practices, and Buddhist wisdom in his teaching. He is a Certified Integral Coach, Stress Specialist and Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner, as well as a Raw Vegan Chef and Healthy Lifestyle Educator. He is a longtime Vipassana meditation practitioner and has done several long silent retreats up to 30 days. Briksha's main focus is Yoga of Conscious Breathing and Eating (Spiritual Nutrition). By using various tools and techniques of Integral Yoga and coaching, he creates a powerful environment to explore the journey of this mysterious Human Body, finding everything there, as it is said in an Asian proverb: 'What you can’t find in your Body, you will not find anywhere.' Briksha's main mission in sharing his skills, experience, and training is to aid in reconnecting with our Bodies and the Body of Universe so that in turn our Bodies and the Body of Universe will bless us with peace, prosperity, and wisdom. Briksha invites us to pray and practice together to awake in our true nature, bringing more love, light, and wisdom to the World.

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to contact Briksha email; or call 415.503.7802

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