A Guide to Self-Improvement for 2023 and Beyond   

Just because it’s self-improvement doesn’t mean you have to go solo. Learn how to enhance your life with people on similar journeys.


A new year has arrived, and with it, a wave of new possibilities. Whether you have specific New Year’s resolutions planned, or you simply want to make some healthy adjustments to your daily life, now is the perfect time to start. The efforts you put in now will go a long way in developing consistent habits throughout 2023, and beyond. 

Making strides toward self-improvement is a great way to be your own friend, both nurturing and challenging yourself along the way. You might even get to know yourself a bit better as you navigate the obstacles and the rewards of your hard work.  

In addition to the stronger bond you form with your best self, committing to self-improvement can also be a highly rewarding social activity, too! Follow this simple guide to get inspired and learn practical tips for self-help that really sticks. 

What to do when there’s room to grow 

Once you’ve identified an area in your life where you could be doing a little better, you’re halfway there. Admitting the need for change isn’t always easy, and you should feel proud for having the courage to be real with yourself.  

At the same time, don’t feel pressured to put yourself in a box. There are tons of different ways to achieve a goal—the important part is being intentional about setting that goal. But, for example, if your aim is to lose 10 pounds, there’s an incredibly wide range of activities you could pursue that’ll help you on your journey. Think everything from kickboxing to cooking classes to volunteering as a dogwalker, and so much more.  

With all that in mind, check out just a few of the endless possibilities that await you this year. You’re sure to discover at least one activity that aligns with your self-improvement goal. 

Learn a new skill    

Make an addition to your life that sparks curiosity and expands your potential. There’s no shortage of communities based around the principle of new skill development, with topics as far-ranging as computer programming and visual art to foreign languages and more. 

For example, if you’ve always wanted to pick up a crafty skill that lets you work with your hands but in a lowkey way, you could learn how to knit with a Meetup group while sampling the best coffee shops in Denver

If you want to take your language learning to the next level this year, you could supplement your Duolingo hours with in-person authentic conversation practice. Find a vibrant community like The Chicago Spanish Language Meetup Group y habla con gente amable.  

Pick up a sport  

There’s a group on Meetup for every sport at every level. Hit up a beginner-friendly event for communities practicing sports with lower barriers to entry, such as Brooklyn Outdoor Badminton and New York Dodgeball.  

If you’re looking for a physical activity that’s a little more adventurous, check out groups like Seattle Climbing or the Nashville Hiking Meetup

You can even find communities embracing the weirder, sillier, and kitschier side of athletics, such as Spikeball Portland and Brooklyn Ultimate Frisbee Pickup.   

Discover new ways to relax and self-soothe 

The seemingly simple task of relaxation can actually be a big obstacle for a lot of people. Your self-improvement journey could just revolve around finding healthy ways to unwind. Luckily, there are thousands of groups dedicated to this exact purpose, with so many diverse methods for reaching that same ultimate goal of chill. 

For some folks, communities like Boulder Zen Meditation provide a lightly structured framework for intentional periods of mindfulness and reflection. Members in this group, as well as many others like Dallas’s Random Acts of Kindness Volunteer / Non-Profit Meetup and Code for Orlando, find peace of mind by giving back to their local communities, whether that’s through meal delivery programs or something more niche like hacktivism.

Plus, you can always seek out groups like Miami Figure Drawing Saturday Morning Group or Dashing Whippets Running Team whose main topics are inherently relaxing to you.  

Discover a new you with new people   

People who feel like they’re part of a communal public goal often see more success in their New Year’s resolutions. So fast-track your self-improvement by creating a public goal through Meetup! It’s quick and easy to create your own Meetup group and invite others to join you as you devote more time to life-enhancing activities in 2023.

Last modified on November 6, 2023