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Join us for evening meetups for some hands-on data science learning.


For those new to the group, we have a copy of our past meetups and their code/tutorials all within our github organisation: https://github.com/central-ldn-data-sci

Within the github organisation you will find one repository per meetup. If you haven't been before and want to get a flavour of our meetups, might I suggest having a look at the following meetup:

• Lets do Clustering! (Unsupervised machine learning) theory + practical! (https://www.meetup.com/central_london_data_science/events/243445481/) - Github Repository (https://github.com/central-ldn-data-sci/CLDSPN-lets-do-clustering)

The meetup is an an excellent example of our meetups, where a topic or set of skills is introduced before demonstrating how they can be applied in python. For example, in this meetup Zack introduced what clustering is, why it is useful and gave some example code.

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[VIRTUAL] 🤖 Hands-on ML 🤖 Precision/Recall & Predicting Pneumonia in X-rays

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