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Ever want to rappel down a wall SWAT style? How about building your own zip line from treetop to treetop? Or going straight up a vertical cliff without having to use rock climbing techniques? If you like to hang in thin air, then this is the group for you! This group exists to promote two primary goals - rope access and aid climbing.

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Rope access is typically used in industry and is not commonly taught to the general public. Rope access is simply using ropes to access inaccessible areas. A great recent example of rope access was the roping up of the Washington Monument for exterior inspection after the Washington D.C. earthquake. Some of the things in rope access include:

-Ascending up ropes using mechanical devices
-Pulley and hauling systems
-Rescue scenarios
-Mid-air construction of things like tyrollean traverses and zip lines
-And more!

Basically rope access let's you go ANYWHERE you want, vertical or horizontal! If you've ever had an interest in learning how to become an expert in ropes, and going places where others can't go, this is definitely the group for you!

The other primary purpose of this group is to promote aid climbing. Conventional rock climbing, which involves gripping the rock directly and climbing using the rock face is rather difficult for people with "big and tall" physiques. But worry not! There is another method of climbing called aid climbing. Aid climbing is upward progression up a rock face by using devices you jam into the rock - so instead of jamming your hand into the rock, you jam a nice little mini-ladder and go up the ladder! So for people who want to go vertical, but find conventional rock climbing to be near impossible, you can do it with aid climbing!

Additionally, during the winter we may do ice climbing. We can also do some conventional rock climbing, however there are many other groups where the primary emphasis is conventional rock climbing. If you are interested in safely becoming a master at rope techniques that will allow you to go anywhere you want, this is the group for you!

Please note that all participants will be required to sign a general liability waiver before allowing to participate. This waiver can be found at: https://files.meetup.com/3685452/General_Waiver.pdf

Lastly, check the stickies at the top of the discussion board https://www.meetup.com/chicagoropes/messages/boards/ to get some answers to some general questions on rope access that you likely have!

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Thatcher Woods Tree Climbing

Thatcher Woods Forest Preserve

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