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Cafe Sci 1 @ B.S. Tavern!! "Rethinking Plate Tectonics and Why We Should Care."
• What we'll do Cafe Sci 1 meets at Blake Street Tavern (parking info below) and starts at 6:30. Come eat, drink, listen, learn and question with your fellow heathens (and other smart people). Cafe Sci is science outreach for the general public. You don't need to be a brainiac - just curious :). Topic Description: Tectonics, the field of geologic study that examines the processes that control the structure and properties of the Earth's crust and its evolution through time, has been dominated by the theory of plate tectonics for about 50 years. In plate tectonics the outermost part of the Earth, the crust and uppermost mantle collectively termed the lithosphere, behaves as a single mechanical layer divided into separate more-or-less rigid plates that move about on underlying ductile upper mantle that convects in response to continuous heat loss from the Earth's interior. Evidence is mounting that this model is too simplistic, however. Tectonic “plates” display internal differential motion, especially along collisional boundaries. Yet unexplained toroidal tectonic movements have been recognized in certain regions of Earth. Discrete layering is discernable within the upper mantle making “conveyer-belt” convection implausible. Is there a more comprehensive tectonic model that can better explain recent observations? A look at fluid movements in Earth’s atmosphere may hold the key. • What to bring Just your lovely selves :). • Important to know Parking: Please park the Blake Street Tavern lots North and West of the building. **Be sure and ready ALL parking signs as the lots are shared with other businesses and THEY WILL ticket if you park in the wrong space! Recommend arriving by 6:00 for good seats and to get food/drink ordered.** Cafe is open to the general public and typically has 70+ people in attendance. Atheists usually occupy the long row of tables on the north-ish side of the room. BST is a short 15 minute walk from Union Station.

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If you accept the natural over the supernatural, reality over mythology, and evidence over faith, then you're in the right place. Please join this group of like-minded folks to discuss these and other relevant ideas. We welcome anyone from Atheists to Agnostics, Free-Thinkers, Humanists and Skeptics. Anyone with a rational worldview is encouraged to join and attend our meetups.

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