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Seafood Boil Dinner: The Mad Crab!
I have found many interesting new restaurants over the years. But I have to say, The Mad Crab might just be one of THE most interesting ones ever! When I first read about it, I wasn't really sure what to think, even after looking at the menu. But finally after reading nothing but great reviews, I figured I had to give it a chance. And all I can say is... wow! Yes, it's more than a little unusual, but it was some of the most incredible food I've ever tasted. So... you know what comes next! Cuisine - So The Mad Crab serves pretty much one thing only: seafood boils. What the heck is that, you might ask? It's sort of a Cajun thing; basically, you choose your seafood from a pretty healthy array including three kinds of crab, two kinds of lobster, three kinds of shrimp, two kinds of crawfish, plus a couple more like clams or mussels. And you can add up to a couple kinds of sausage, as well as corn on the cob and potatoes. And then you choose the seasoning you want, from "Rajun Cajun", lemon pepper, or garlic sauce, or "the whole shabang" which is a mix of all three. And then you say how spicy you want it, from "not at all" to "XXX (I can't feel my mouth)". And then... they throw everything you ordered into a plastic bag and boil it. And then they bring it to your table in the bag! The tables are covered with waterproof tablecloths; you get a bib and gloves, and then you tear into your bag and eat it, right out of the bag. No plates, no utensils, and a LOT of napkins! To say this is messy would be an understatement, but you have to just go with it. They bring bibs for a reason! But the real question is, how does it taste? And to this I can only say... oh. my. god! I simply can't describe how awesome the food is, except to say it might be the most delicious mess I've ever eaten! I'm not kidding, the flavor of all of it (I had shrimp, lobster, pork sausage, corn, and potatoes, with the "whole shabang" sauce with mild spice) was utterly out of this world; I have no doubt that the crab legs or crawfish or other choices would be equally as good. They also have a few sides; the garlic bread might be the best I've ever tasted, and the gumbo is also fantastic. They have a couple fried baskets as well as raw oysters and hot wings, and some pretty amazing fried rice combinations. But really, those are add-ons... trust me, you want one of the boils. Just be prepared to make a complete mess! Price - Ok, I have to be honest here, the price is pretty... pricey. We're talking about seafood, and you order it by the pound for your boil with a one pound minimum. So, the price ranges from around $10 for the crawfish or mussels, through the mid teens for the shrimp, to $20 for one lobster tail, to the mid $20s for a couple of the crab varieties, up to $45 for the king crab legs. The sausage is just $10 and you can get a half pound, and the corn and potatoes are only a couple dollars. Sides are all under $10. But as you can see, you can easily run up a pretty hefty bill if you want some variety; the good news is that it's about as easy as humanly possible to take home leftovers! For the best variety, I recommend that at dinner you see if you can find someone who wants to try the same combination as you do, and then share. The restaurant will do separate checks, and the owner told me they can split a single boil into fractions between two or more people, which makes it even easier to do a combo with someone else and only pay your share! Other Info - The Mad Crab is located on the southeast corner of Olive Blvd and 81st, almost exactly a mile east of I-170. There is a signal at 81st, plus the restaurant is, to put it mildly, rather well lit up. Plenty of parking right in their own lot. As with many of our dinners, you may spread your arrival from 6:30 to 7:00 or so in order to spread the orders to the kitchen. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of my foodies at The Mad Crab on Tuesday the 6th of March!

The Mad Crab

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