DWebDesign #3 w/ Simple Secure, Design Code Lab and Open Source Lab

DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
DWeb Berlin #DWebBLN
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Have you ever contributed to an open source project?
Or wait...
we bet you have used an open-source libraries like Google Fonts or Unsplash, or IDEO guides!

In February we launched a series of events to bring back variety in design and to secure emerging digital industries from the visual sameness. And already done two so far:
⟶ Dribbble Berlin meetup (aka DWeb.Design #1) “Embrace variety”
⟶ DWeb.Design #2 “Typonight”

This time we go beyond the topic of communication through UI and app aesthetics - toward the Global Open Collaboration movement.

- What does it take to design for open-source?
- What are the designers’ incentives behind creating fonts, UX guides and UI libraries and distributing them under the open-source license?

18:00 - come and get cosy
18:20 - intro “Why to open-source?”
18:45 - Eileen Wagner from Simple Secure
19:15 - 15min break
19:30 - Martin Wecke about the open-source projects at Design Code Lab
20:00 - Julia Ebert from Open Source Lab (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
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Event heroes

Eileen Wagner…
… is a designer and researcher at Simply Secure (https://simplysecure.org/). She advises teams and organisations on UX design, conducts research and user testing, and produces open resources for the community. Her focus is on security and decentralisation technologies. She is also on the core team of Open Source Design (https://opensourcedesign.net/).

More about Eileen:
One of her previous talks:

"Adventures in Open Source Design"
From culture clash to structural gaps, this talk discusses the various challenges and possible coping strategies for designers in open source. We will introduce and analyse common patterns in open source projects and what they mean for design. Then we will share our takes on the design toolkit that has worked well in open source. Lessons learned here are valuable for designers regardless of their involvement in open source.

Martin Wecke…
... runs his own practice called Design Code Lab (http://martinwecke.de/) out of Berlin, a space to “create a conceptual space for my interests both in the fields of design and technology.”
His works have been features on Awwwards (https://www.awwwards.com/martinwecke/) and stuff-picked on FontsArena (https://fontsarena.com/lab-mono-by-martin-wecke/).

More about Martin:

Julia Ebert…
... is a project manager at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. Her focus is on projects in the field of Open Knowledge as Open Source and Open Data, currently within the the project "Open Source Lab on Sustainable Mobility" (https://opensourcelab.dfki.de/).

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