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What we’re about

This group is for anyone interested in building a better, decentralized web. Let's build the web we want, the web that we deserve.

DWeb is a series of events driven by local communities of developers, designers, information architects, activists, policymakers, artists and journalists toward a global goal - building a web that's locked open for good.

Mission 🚀
We want to build the web that… 

… remembers and forgets.

… is a marketplace and a public square.

... is a safe private space.


...that's magical and fun.

… has many winners.

The Web we use today is not private, reliable or free from censorship. It lacks a memory, a way to preserve our digital record through time. Decentralization offers security. By distributing data, processing and hosting across millions of computers worldwide with no centralized control, a new Decentralized Web has the potential to be open, empowering users around the globe to control and protect their own personal data better than before.

Our story has two roots - in Berlin and San Francisco 🌳

DWeb San Francisco started at the Internet Archive, with a call from founder Brewster Kahle to "lock the Web Open." (See more of our origin story at: In 2016 and 2018, the group held the Decentralized Web Summits in San Francisco.  From the momentum of the 2018 convening, this group formed to host monthly events for the local SF community to learn more about decentralized web protocols like IPFS, DAT, Blockstack, Webtorrents, Scuttlebutt, Holo, Solid and more, as well as applications being built on top of them.

Joachim Lohkamp opened our Berlin chapter in September 2014:
“I started the first GET Decentralized (GETD#1) hackathon to bridge the community of change-makers around Ouishare with those of tech. My guts drove me to SF to hold GETD#2 ( at the Red Victorian. This is when I met with Wendy and Brewster the very people who shared the same values and had the energy to bing this initiative to a whole level. DWeb was born.”

Today web architects, designers, artists, activists, policymakers and journalists from all over the world gather in Berlin, San Francisco and new, emerging locations around the world to learn from each other and to co-create infrastructure we can trust.

DWeb around the globe 🌍

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Our vision is a global network of decentralized nodes—working together, sharing knowledge, engaging local communities of all kinds to co-create the web we want, the web we deserve.

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