What we're about

This meetup is for anyone interested in or using Ethereum blockchain technology in the enterprise.

New monthly virtual schedule will be up and running for 2021!

It doesn't matter if you're a startup, global enterprise, or open source hacker - we all share the common goal of seeing an Enterprise-grade blockchain platform based on Ethereum.

You do not need to be a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) to get involved.

It will also provide an opportunity to meet virtually with EEA members, and be kept up to date with what's happening in the EEA.

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April Virtual EEA Meetup

Online event

We've got a fantastic line up for our April Virtual EEA Meetup and can't wait to see you there!

We've changed the timing for this month's event to welcome our speakers from Australia and Singapore.


8am - Intro and welcome from Conor Svensson

8.15am - Peter Robinson, Technical Director and Applied Cryptographer at ConsenSys presents "General Purpose Atomic Crosschain Transactions (GPACT)".

The General Purpose Atomic Crosschain Transaction protocol allows composable programming across multiple Ethereum blockchains. It allows for inter-contract and inter-blockchain function calls that are both synchronous and atomic: if one part fails, the whole call graph of function calls is rolled back. The protocol operates on existing Ethereum blockchains without modification. It works for both public permissioned and consortium blockchains. Additionally, the protocol is expected to work across heterogeneous blockchains other than Ethereum.

Speaker Bio

Peter Robinson is a technical director and applied cryptographer working in ConsenSys Software’s R&D group on Filecoin Retrieval Market and Cross-Blockchain technologies. He has twenty-three granted patents in fields ranging from distributed computing, cryptography, blockchain, and virtualisation to graphical password design. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Queensland University of Technology, a Masters of Telecommunications Engineering from University of Wollongong, is a graduate of the International Space University, and is currently completing a PhD at University of Queensland part-time with the thesis topic, Cross-Blockchain Communications.

8.45am - Breakout Rooms - your chance to network!

9.15am - Eugene Aseev, CTO and Co-founder at Chainstack, presents "Next-generation enterprise Ethereum managed services".

Building DLT-based multi-party consortia is hard due to multiple organizational, economic and technological challenges. In his talk, Eugene will describe a vision for a managed services platform that makes it easy to create and scale shared value networks, and how Chainstack is bringing it to the reality.

Speaker Bio

Eugene Aseev is the CTO and co-founder of Chainstack. He has strong roots in engineering, cybersecurity, and research, with more than 10 years of experience in leading top R&D teams on a global scale.
Eugene is passionate about driving innovation and building highly sophisticated products and technologies in multistakeholder environments. Prior to Chainstack, he held the role of VP of Engineering at Acronis where his contributions have led to the development of Acronis Active Protection and Acronis Notary. He also spearheaded the security research team at GeoEdge and headed the anti-malware team in a leading cybersecurity company.

9.45am - Q+A

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