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What we’re about

When SelfCareCon was started, there was one goal; to transform how women think about and prioritize their self-care. The thought was to build a community of women who can come together and support each other in practical ways to practice wellness. Constantly motivated by our goal, vision, and philosophy, we are committed to offering a broad spectrum of programs through professionals who work tirelessly to make a critical difference in our ability to fulfill our mission

Why Choose SelfCareCon?

It is quite common for women to prioritize their career, business, family, social life and often neglect the need for self-care. At SelfCareCon, we want to change that through

Educating: Through research and experience, we bring attention to the issues affecting women of color and show practical ways and reasons to invest in self-care. 

Empowering: By leveraging our resources and investing in power-packed programs, we empower through educating women to take action no matter how small to improve their self-care and overall wellness.

November 9, 2019
Time 8:30 am - 5:00pm 
Location Oakland Airport Holiday Inn & Suites 77