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The Entheogenic Research, Integration, and Education (ERIE) mission:

1) Review and conduct research on the use of traditional plant medicines, and their modern analogs, for creativity, healing, personal growth, and spiritual exploration;

2) Develop integration methods that combine new research with existing, tested practices to help people incorporate extraordinary experiences into their lives;

3) Articulate a new educational paradigm that honors and draws upon the vast Indigenous knowledge of plant and fungi kingdoms, then envisions new applications of it within contemporary Western contexts; and

4) Create a forum for the responsible discussion of these topics.

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Challenges & Solutions Regarding Mother Earth: The future of the Amazon forest

Challenges and Solutions Regarding Mother Earth: The future of the Amazon rainforest with Eda Zavala Lopez Please reserve your tickets at the following link: https://icaritosseries.eventbrite.com “In the Amazon Jungle, Indigenous People work really hard facing not only covid 19 epidemic, but climate change, deforestation, and "clearing" deep forests everywhere. Invaders are increasing during the pandemic and illegal lodgers are now deep in the forest and mountains in Shawi territories. The wonderful and magical medicinal plants are disappearing rapidly. The wise Lupuna master plant just in agony while illegal lumbers cut HIM everywhere just for money (US$23,000). Can you imagine how many thousands of Lupuna trees were cut down during the pandemic? THE WISE LUPUNA is just one of them! Same with Father Tobacco, Mother Ayahuasca, Chacrunita, and Canelo. All wise master plants are in agony because greed and indifference while Indigenous People are trapped between el olvido and discrimination, and almost invisible for the Peruvian government and people. On the other side, corporations and drug dealers are expecting the next exploitation of natural resources and Coca plantations. We can't ignore this. We are talking about our future, the future of Planet Earth and the sanity of our soul. BUT we are just hundred of thousands ALL OVER THE PLANET THAT JUST REALLY CARE about Mother Earth. And we are here! just waiting for our next move in this complex chess game! A bunch who really care about the future of humans and next generations as well as for all the wonderful creatures and beings around: animals, birds, rivers, oceans, mountains, plants and trees. Are you in? We decided to initiate a wise and strong campaign for PLANT MEDICINE looking for short and long term solutions. UNIDOS. TOGETHER. Indigenous and no indigenous, just children of Mother Earth. Our work is just to keep going but alongside we have to be very creative and reinforce our strategies. Here is how! 1) While each one of you does your spiritual retreat just "envision" the rainforest, the jungle and Plant Medicine even if you are in the US, Canada or Europe. With your "envision" you send amazing energy for our job here. You absorb the celestials corps, 'los cuerpos celestes' que son pura energia. Just pure energy 'installing in your body and your soul'. This is just your first step. 2) When you plan to come to do your journey in Peru just invoke the power of the Apus and Pachamama as well as the Sacred Spirits of the forests (The Jaguar, Chullachaqui and the 'Shepitiaris' -the Great Masters. Los grandes Maestros y Maestras of the Indigenous Wisdom. And talk to your spiritual mentors or shamans to guide you to a remote Indigenous village to make a reverence and promise that your next visit would be just there spending time with the wise elders. 3) If you already want to plan a healing journey or Spiritual retreat just let us know and we would initiate with you the REAL spiritual initiation with just making a short pilgrimage before you ingest Plant Medicine and then immerse in your spiritual journey with sacred plant medicine for eight or ten days. Ceremonies, flower bath and vegetalist Dieta in the Jungle or near to Tarapoto, the cloud forest or near to the Apus in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. 4) If you want to offer wise, gentle reverence and embrace our love for Mother Earth, COME DOWN and spend time with us and share your skills and expertise with Shawi youth and children in the Cordillera Escalera, Region San Martin. Come and be part of activities like Permaculture, Plant Medicine garden, Reforestation with Lupuna, Cedro, Canelo, Ayahuasca and collecting them from the jungle. Together, wise elders, children and youth can RE-PLANT Master Plants. Sacred Medicine. Teach technology to Shawi children and installing solar panels. Medicine people 'sopla' your head, whisper wisdom to your soul, and bless your 'corona' to protect your spirit." ~ Eda Zavala Lopez

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