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What we’re about


# Quantum techniques, classes, and meditations, for spiritual & psychic growth.

# Reiki Energy Healing-Classes- Akashic Records Guidance

# Yoga Instruction- Sound Baths -Fire Ceremonies

# Intuitive Readings -Psychic Fairs -Shamanic Art

# One-to-One Mental and Emotional Consultant

# Special Events/ 3Day Retreats/ Immersions

# (NEW)Medical Beauty Team: Featuring The Howe Clinic

Intuition is the voice of your inner wisdom. It guides and nurtures you through your life journey. Like a constant and faithful companion, your intuition is always conversing with you, assisting you through your daily life. Engage and deepen your relationship with your powerful, natural guidance system. In this safe environment, we discover that everyone is intuitive as we explore and expand our sixth sense and develop our “Spiritual GPS”! This experiential group is designed as a sacred space for All skill levels and All are welcome.
This group is for you if you are an awakening empath, star-seed, healer, light warrior, Reiki initiates, seek to have balance in a human form, and would like to :
Learn to Meditate
Meet your intuitive guides
Visualize auras and chakras
Discover your spiritual gifts and strengths
Create stronger connections to your higher self
Take ownership of your energy field
Learn techniques to protect your field from negativity and oversensitivity
Expand your Intuitive consciousness
Develop your spiritual GPS to interpret intuitive messages and symbols
Gain self-esteem as you deepen and grow your inner guidance
Learn to Love yourself
Still-point technology
Shamanic Journey
Quantum Healing
Learn to say NO / YES without becoming the bad guy
Use your intuition to make important decisions (instead of asking your friends):)
Learn to run "energy patterns" to increase abundance, satisfaction, and happiness
Learn to create the life you want by using the "Law of Vibration-Attraction"
Gain the ability to live more fully in the present
Release emotional pain
Let go of the past Remove old blocks and beliefs
Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression
Give / Receive
and so much more….:)