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We will be meeting up again starting in August. As most of you know i teach spiritual awareness, To me the basic fundamentals of caring for ones spirit and soul while traveling in the body is very important. I see the body as a vehicle and an expression for our divinity to create through. I love the basics and will always see them as a foundation for any platform we engage with. I have had some opportunities to learn some very exciting new information that i look forward to sharing with you all along the way. I am revamping my website as well. Check it out. Some of the issues i am interested in are and we will get to play in are The Crystal Grid around our planet. The Akashic records where when and how to get all the treasure from this. DNA activations Chakra balancing, Auric tuning and managing your Mercaba Anchoring 5d energies Your agreements with Planet Earth I could go on and on. As usual we will clean up traumas past lives agreements OH and those darn Aliens!! who are they and what the heck are they all about! Please let me know what you think and i am excited to get some questions and ideas from you. What have you been working on and what would you like to explore?? Leave a comment below and lets get the conversation started.

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What we're about

Intuition is the voice of your inner wisdom. It guides and nurtures you through your life journey. Like a constant and faithful companion, your intuition is always conversing with you assisting you through your daily life. Engage and deepen your relationship with your powerful, natural guidance system. In this safe environment, we discover that everyone is intuitive as we explore and expand our sixth sense and develop our “Spiritual GPS”. This experiential group is designed as a sacred space for All skill levels and All are welcome.

This group is for you if you want to:

Learn to Meditate

Meet your intuitive guides

Visualize auras and chakras

Discover your spiritual gifts and strengths

Create stronger connections to your higher self

Take ownership of your energy field

Learn techniques to protect your field from negativity and oversensitivity

Expand your Intuitive consciousness

Develop your spiritual GPS to interpret intuitive messages and symbols

Gain self-esteem as you deepen and grow your inner guidance

Learn to Love yourself

Still point technology

Learn to say NO / YES without becoming the bad guy

Use your intuition to make important decisions (instead of asking your friends):)

Learn to run "energy patterns" to increase abundance, satisfaction, and happiness

Learn to create the life you want by using "Law of Attraction"

Gain the ability to live more fully in the present

Release emotional pain

Let go of the past Remove old blocks and beliefs

Relieve stress, anxiety, and depression

Give / Receive

and so much more….:)

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