What we're about

The purpose of this group is to provide evidence-based self-help methods and exercises for people who:

* Have been trying to achieve an important life goal (e.g. dieting, exercise, improved motivation, career change, improved parenting, etc.) and hasn't succeeded yet or

* Are without specific goals or difficulties but would like to create a more full, rich and meaningful life.

* Are struggling with some form of psychological issue or

* The group also aims to create a community and enable people to connect to likeminded individuals who share the same interest in self-development or self-help.

There's strong scientific evidence that developing a skill called Psychological Flexibility helps alleviate most psychological issues and is extremely effective in helping people achieve goals in a vast number of life areas from professional athletics, to dieting, career development or parenting.

We will visit exercises (and theory to some extent) that will help us develop this skill. We will use Acceptance and Commitment Training / Therapy (ACT for short) for this purpose.
ACT has over 900 Randomized Controlled Trials (the highest standard for scientific research) supporting it's effectiveness.

Everywhere humans go, their minds go with them. If we can understand how our minds work, we become capable of better handling any situation that involves or requires thinking, feeling, sensing or remembering.
ACT is based on a theory that describes how the human mind works, it's called RFT or Relational Frame Theory. RFT could be viewed as a "blueprint" of the human mind. RFT has been in development for 35 years and has been tested with the outmost scientific rigour.

We will experiment with lots of formats (online workshops, guest speakers, live workshops, etc.) and will select the one that works best for you based on your feedback.

Please note that whilst ACT is proven to work for a range of difficulties and it does work in a self-help format as well, some issues may require a formal therapy. ACT is used in a therapeutic setting as well and it produces great results (assuming you find a good therapist).
This group is not a substitution for therapy. If you feel your issue requires a therapist, please seek professional advice. If you decide to pursue this path, I do recommend looking for an ACT trained therapist.

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