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There are many great places to get out on the water in our area - streams, rivers, lakes, secluded coves, canals, lakes, bays, sounds and the Gulf. In many places the water is shallow and not easily accessible with motor boats but ideally in a kayak. Many enjoy getting away from a hectic lifestyle and relaxing on the water at a slower pace. This is a major benefit of kayaking. But kayaks have other benefits too. They allow us to observe the sub-tropical flora and fauna of the aquatic environment up close without destroying it. Except for the gas needed to get to the launch site, kayakers do not pollute our environment and save a lot of money compared to owners of larger sail or power boats. New kayaks are available for as little as $250. But you can pay $2,000 if you'd like something special. People without kayaks are also welcome. Many of our outings start at locations with kayak rentals or you can pick one up along the way. Our outings are suitable for kayakers of all levels. So, come join us and bring some friends with you.

Besides the outings planned by our organizers, all members can now post events. We do not screen these persons nor have we checked out their kayaking abilities. Regardless of who organizes and posts an event, when you take part you alone are responsible for your safety. Kayaking can be dangerous. Become aware of the dangers of wind, waves, currents, wakes from big boats, sun and heat. Make sure you have a personal flotation device with you. A whistle and flares are good in case you need to get attention to get help. Take food, water and sun block. Be ready to turn back if you no longer feel comfortable in a situation. No other person knows better what your limits are than you. Realize that risk can not be eliminated totally. Storms with strong winds, big waves and driving rain can develop quickly. Pay attention to changes in the weather and head for shore where you can wait safely until it has passed. Being out a long way from shore is risky because kayaks can not travel quick enough to get to shore when a storm develops. For that reason it is always safest to paddle fairly close to shore so that it can be reached in just a couple minutes if necessary.

Kayaking is fun. Kayaking with others can be even more fun. Come get involved and take part. But always remember: You are responsible for yourself. Know your limitations, paddle at your own risk. See you on the water :-)

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Herring Cove Provincial Park Reserve

NEW BRUNSWICK-NOVA SCOTIA SUMMER 2020 This year we will be going to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to paddle and explore. This will be a two week trip of paddling, hiking, exploring and eating (we always eat well on our trips). We will be camping at Provincial Parks. For people who do not enjoy camping you have the option to stay at B&B's or Hotels. Most paddle trips will be level III, with distances of about 8 to 10 miles. For those who will fly in, recommend that you fly into Boston or Portland, ME airports. Kayak rentals are available in Portland. If anyone would like a shorter trip, you have the option to fly into Halifax, N.S. and meet us at the half way point. The following is an itinerary of the trip: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia Summer 2020 Trip July 26, Sun: Arrive at Herring Cove Provincial Park, Campabello Island July 27, Mon: Paddle out of Herring Cove to Grand Manan Island. Camp Herring Cove P. P. H.T. 5:02 L. T. 11:22 July 28, Tues: Travel to Fundy National Park Optional stop in St John Camp Fundy National Park July 29, Wed: Paddle Hopewell Rocks Hike Hopewell Rocks Camp Fundy National Park H.T. 7:53 L. T. 2:21 July 30, Thurs: Travel to Five Islands Provincial Park Camp Five Islands Provincial Park July 31, Fri: Paddle Five Islands Camp Five Islands Provincial Park H.T. 10:51 L. T. 5:01 August 1, Sat: Travel to Porters Lake Provincial Park Camp Provincial Park Trip to Halifax August 2, Sun: Paddle Porters Lake to Chezzetcook Camp Porters Lake Provincial Park August 3, Mon: Paddle Murph’s Cove Travel to Whyconomagh Provincial Park Camp Whyconomagh Provincial Park August 4, Tues: Paddle Bird Island Travel to Hideaway Campground Camp Hideaway Campground August 5, Wed: Paddle Aspy Bay Camp Hideaway Campground August 6, Thurs: Paddle Bay St Lawrence Travel to Meat Cove Campground Camp Meat Cove Campground August 7, Fri: Paddle Tip of Nova Scotia Camp Meat Cove Campground August 8, Sat: Travel to MacLeod’s Campground Camp MacLeod’s Campground Optional Paddle from Campground August 9, Sun: Travel Home! For more info or questions please contact Michael Zabre at: [masked] or[masked]. Closing date for the trip is March 31 due to reservations needed.

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Did you know that Any Member can post a Trip ? You don't need to be an organizer ! If you look at the tab marked "Past" trips, you will see some of the best Kayak launch locations in the area. Stay well, wear your PFD. :-)

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