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For our September meetup, Women Techmakers (Google's global program for women in tech) is partnering up with Women in Data Science ( to promote women speakers. We will get together and hear from the talented women of the Seattle tech community. 6:00PM Networking & Pizza 6:45PM Talks Conference room: Abacus in Google Building Waterside Speakers in alphabetic order: - Hanna Landrus Data Science Engineer at Usermind where she unifies customer data to optimize end-to-end customer journeys. Hanna got her Master’s in Math at Western Washington University. She then broke into the startup world using her mathematical thinking to find value in data. From Math to Data Science: The road to data science has many paths. Learn about Hanna’s journey from mathematician to data analyst to data scientist. She didn’t always know where her path would lead but she followed the work that she found interesting that lead her to new opportunities to follow her passion. From self directed learning and community involvement, to taking risks and being open to new responsibilities, hear about some of the ways that she moved forward on her journey. - Hema Natarajan Startup founder, UW MBA, PM @MSFT @hemanat - twitter Behavior Modification through Voice Intelligence: Through the proliferation of smart speakers, voice assistants have become a part of our households. With this adoption, a new field can emerge that combines AI and voice to guide behavior modification in a way that benefits the users. In this talk, we will explore the possibilities and talk about the challenges that lie ahead. - Maggie Hohlfel Program Manager working on the Developer Ecosystem team here at Google. I came to Google by way of book publishing (really!), and have been here for over four years. I majored in English at Kenyon College, grew up in Texas, and spent 5 years in NYC before moving out west to Seattle. My loves include: organizing, making things run well, my pug, baseball, and of course, Apps Script. Be Lazy: Make Apps Script Do Your Work For You I will talk about how Apps Script can do manual tasks for you, and how you don't need to be a coding expert to learn how to use it. I went from an English major with zero coding background to using Apps Script to automatically creating calendar events and sending emails. - Mahnaz Akbari Kasten Data scientist with background in Math and Computer Science. Passionate about women in technology in decision making levels. Founder of SeaWIDS (Seattle Women in Data Science). @k_mahnaz Paths to Data Science:The main focus will be to discuss different angles in data science roles and the variety of ways to shift your carrier towards this field. - Margaret Maynard-Reid TBD @margaretmz Getting Started with Machine Learning TBD - Rachael Tatman Data scientist at Kaggle and has a PhD in Linguistics. She's always happy to chat about stats, machine learning or emoji. @rctatman Mixed Effects Regression: The data science technique you didn't know you needed to know. The combination of power, flexibility and clearly interpretable models make it a very powerful technique. I'll introduce you to the method (no stats background required!), show you how to apply it to your own datasets and walk you through some tricks for clearly visualizing the output. - Shawn Ramirez Program Director for Insight Data Science specializing in machine learning, statistics, game theory, and NLP. I enjoy solving complex social and global challenges, and driving business insights with data. @slramirez646 Creating a Machine Learning Product Portfolio: How should a person build out their data science portfolio? What kinds of projects do businesses want to see? I will highlight key features that make a good data product, and walk through some data-driven product examples that use a variety of techniques.

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