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The Google Developer Group (https://developers.google.com/groups/) Seattle chapter meets monthly with tech talks, Study Jams or handson workshops. We are an inclusive and rapidly growing community. Please follow our Code of Conduct and be excellent to each other - http://www.meetup.com/seattle-gdg/pages/Code_of_Conduct/ (https://developers.google.com/groups/guidelines/)

Our members are using or would like to learn more about developing applications using Google technology, including:

• Google Cloud Platform

• Actions on Google

• TensorFlow

• Machine Learning

• Deep Learning

• Flutter

• Android

• Web development

• Chrome

• Go and Dart programming languages

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[Cross-Post] Empower Google Cloud Functions with Machine Learning

This is a cross post for a Google AI Huddle event. Feel free to RSVP either on this page or there - https://www.meetup.com/Google-AI-Huddle-Seattle/events/261512141/ Agenda: 5:30 - 6:15 networking 6:15 - 7:15 presentation 7:15 - 8:00 networking Presentation: Empowering Google Cloud Functions with Machine Learning Speaker: Hannes Hapke, Caravel AI, VP Engineering + AI GDE/ML Abstract: At Caravel, engineers are building conversational AI for eCommerce stores — work that heavily relies on serverless functions and machine learning models. Due to the limitations of serverless functions, it often doesn't make sense to load the machine learning models directly in the cloud function. In this talk, Hannes is sharing Caravel's work in integrating machine learning in Google Cloud functions. He is outlining how models are hosted on Google's AI Platform, how the serverless endpoints can interact with the model server and how TensorFlow Extended is simplifying the data preprocessing. Taking advantage of Google Cloud Functions and models hosted on the AI Platform allows Caravel to scale to ever-changing demands for their applications, but still provides the full machine learning functionality. Speaker Bio: Hannes Hapke is the VP of Engineering and AI at Caravel (caravelapp.com). Caravel's applications are built on serverless functions and a good number of machine learning models. Hannes is a Google Developer Expert and a co-author of machine learning publications like NLP in Action and upcoming O'Reilly publication on Machine Learning Workflows.

Idiomatic Programmer - Learning Keras (and openCV) for Computer Vision

Center of the Universe Event Center, Google Seattle / Parkview building, 2nd floor

Please register on Eventbrite here: http://bit.ly/Keras-openCV-for-Computer-Vision and RSVP is closed on this meetup page. This full day workshop will be led by instructor from the Google AI team. Audience: Software Developers seeking to transition to a Machine Learning Engineering (MLE). Prerequisite: Python programming, comfortable with numpy and has previously coded a basic convolutional neural networks, such as in an online course. Abstract: As AI/ML become more accessible to non-researchers, tech companies are now looking for experienced software developers who can apply machine learning principles to production grade software. As applied engineering (vs. data scientists), these roles focus on core principles, best practices, design patterns, and expertise with a framework/toolset. Take-Away: For the attendees that have previously taken a ML course or self-taught, but don’t feel they are ready for a production environment, this course purpose is to push your over that final hurdle. Session 1: Computer Vision Models Overview of CNN Sequential CNN Residual Network CNN Wide Layer CNN Densely Connected CNN Stem Groups Representational Equivalence Session 2: Computer Vision Data Engineering Data Curation Data Collection Data Preprocessing (openCV and Keras) Data Augmentation (openCV and Keras) Session 3: Computer Vision Training and Deployment Hyperparameters Training Deployment Hyperparameter Search Prebuilt Models and Transfer Learning Wrap up and next steps: On-device ML - now to deploy your trained model to mobile and IoT.


Dropbox Seattle

Date/Time tentative. Want to get started with Kotlin, but don't know where to begin? Join us for our Kotlin/Everywhere event. Together we'll work through several Android / Google Cloud / multi-platform labs. You will get hands-on experience with Kotlin in Android, multi-platform with Kotlin/Native, Google Cloud Platform and Kotlin/JS. Bring a laptop (PC, Mac or Chromebook). The labs will run on all of the latest versions of the popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Chrome or Firefox installed. Don’t forget your charger!

DevFest Seattle 2019

Needs a location

Come join GDG Seattle's largest community driven annual event: DevFest Seattle 2019! RSVP is closed on this meetup page and registration on Eventbrite will be available in August. There will be tech talks and code labs. DevFest will start out with tech talks by community experts, Google Developer Experts (GDEs) and Googlers, and then transition to codelab sessions in the afternoon. At the end of the DevFest there will be show/tell of what the attendees have learned during the event. Swags and prizes will be given out throughout the event. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from experts, and network with the GDG community. Swags and prizes will be given out throughout the event. Breakfast and lunch are included. Must present your Eventbrite ticket to attend the event.

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