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DjangoGirls/RailsGirls Workshop Planning Session


Over the past few years, numerous Python user groups have run weekend workshops to get more women into Python programming, with the end goal of increasing the number of women who show up to PUG meetings.

Let's do it! I can handle some of the work, but I need all the help I can get, especially from my fellow IE Python members.

Since we're a small community:

  • Riverside Ruby is interested in making it a 2-track Django & Rails workshop.
  • San Diego Python is coming all the way out to help us!
  • So this planning session is a joint event ( for IE Python, Riverside Ruby, San Diego Python, and SD/IE Pyladies.

Agenda for the Planning Session:

• Background: What is DjangoGirls? What are RailsGirls & RailsBridge? How would a joint workshop work?

• Go over detailed advice from Elena of the Perth joint DjangoGirls/RailsGirls workshop

• Decide on logistics: dates, size, venue, coaches, speakers, breakfast/lunch, location for optional dinner, sponsorship

• Go over the DjangoGirls & RailsGirls/RailsBridge curriculum materials

• Misc. other stuff: open time for anything else that anyone wants to cover


On 4/27-28, Jack of Riverside Ruby/Ember and I chatted on Twitter about the idea of hosting a DjangoGirls, RailsGirls, or RailsBridge workshop one weekend. It'll probably be some combination since the IE tech community is small.

See the full conversation here, including advice from friends Russ & Elena in Australia who did something similar:

On 5/23, Daniel, Trey, and I coached/spoke at Django Girls Ensenada. See our recaps here to get a feel for what it was like.



2331 Kellogg Ave · Corona, CA