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Welcome to the Kern Valley Hiking Club! The club was founded in the 1985 by the Jenkins Family as they authored their books. It is recommended that you purchase their books Exploring the Southern Sierra: West Side and Exploring the Southern Sierra: East Side. The author is J.C. Jenkins and Ruby Johnson Jenkins. We refer to the description in these books to tell you about the hike that you are attending.

The Kern Valley Hiking Club is for people that are in decent shape that want to get outdoors and experience fun places without getting too extreme about it. The club is committed to hiking on Saturday every other week. The hikes don't need to take all day, but they can if members want. The members will decide on the day of each hike what the next hike will be. The boundaries are defined by the books Exploring the Southern Sierra by Ruby Jenkins. All of the hikes will either be in her book, or in places nearby not listed in the book. If nobody has a brilliant idea, or a burning desire for where the next hike should be then we will need to pick one from the book as our secondary option. To do this each week we can generate 5 random numbers which will correlate to pages in Ruby's Book, and members will pick from one of those. Physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, and if you are looking for some people to go with you to a particular place then you have found the right group.

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Upper Tobias Creek Trail 32E34

Lake Isabella Park and Ride

Sirretta Peak (9977') Hike

James Sierra Gateway Markets

Black Rock Trail Head

Blackrock Trailhead

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