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What we’re about

Welcome to my virtual safe space where we could explore the hidden aspects of our being and let ourselves unfold and fall apart into the depths of our soul.

I guide my students through deep inner work with soundbaths, breathwork, guided meditations and embodiment practices both online and in person.

About Soundbaths:
Bathe in powerful sound waves as your body’s natural healing response is activated, balancing your chakras, and releasing any blockages.
Crystal bowls are made of pure quartz silica sand. With our bodies being made of about 65%-70% water, the silica in the crystal bowls resonate with the crystalline particles in our body. This allows us to have a natural affinity to quartz crystal bowls. Because sound travels faster through fluid than air, the pulsations of sound waves is not only received through our ears but washes through our body, cleansing our cells and tissues of our body.
Any dis-ease in the body is a sign that part of our being is out of balance. Receiving the resonant vibrations of quartz crystal bowls is one of the most direct and powerful healing forces for restoring and synchronizing our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.

Healing Benefits:
~Activate parasympathetic nervous system
~Activate body’s natural healing
~Break old patterns or subconscious fears
~Detoxify your body
~Reset and harmonize your body
~Relieve anxiety, depression and anger
~Unravel and clear deep emotional wounds
~Remove energetic blocks
~Ignite new energy into your being
~Cultivate more love in your heart
~Deeper Surrender and relaxation
~Heighten awareness & expand consciousness
~Chakra balancing
~Cultivate clarity, direction & wholeness
~Decrease tension and fatigue
~Improve sleep
~Deepen intuition
~Elevate spiritual well-being

My Purpose:
My desire is create my soul tribe of men and women who are ready to connect more deeply with their bodies and intuition, elevate their frequency, open up their heart and their body to life, and give love, support and encouragement to others.

The essence of my life's work is to help you live more aligned with your original self. Your true essence. To help you get out of your head and back into your body where all of your power and wisdom is waiting for you to embody and express.

I invite you to experience your magical journey within and to radiate your love out to the world.

Lots of love,