Pre GDC Talk- Future Of Immersion And The Creation Of The Next Layer Of Reality

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If you follow technology you have probably heard many things about XR devices. Many have given their opinions on the technologies and systems in those sectors. But very few have given detailed info on the whole picture. I will share some insight and info I have come across while researching these fields, in the hopes that it may help you understand the space, and what it could mean for the world. This talk is using a almost a thousand hours of research I have done over the past 4 years.

A bit about me-
I am Ryan Sternlicht, a San Francisco raised educator, researcher, advisor, multidisciplinary specialist and maker. I have advised a number of startups in the fields of AR, VR, self driving cars, flying cars, and manufacturing. As a maker, I have volunteered at or advised a number of makerspaces and hackerspaces, and numerous technical non-profit organizations, all around northern California and in Rochester, New York. While in the bay area, I volunteer at New People Cinema, and Noisebridge Hackerspace. I also TA classes in the Game Development Department at City College of San Francisco.

Cost of event is free
Donations to Noisebridge are welcome and encouraged.
Even though the RSVP is only 100, Noisebridge does not turn away people unless we reach unsafe capacity.

And for those who can’t make it in Person we will be streaming to twitch, ""
And possibly youtube as well (link will be posted at a later date if it will happen).

Itinerary for the event

Doors open 8AM

Part 1) History and What we have now 10:00AM to 11:30AM

What Hardware has already been created, and why. Have the software and games been useful or well made. Do these devices allow communities to form on their platforms. Have they benefited the general world.

Part 2) What hardware we need 12:00 noon to 1:30PM

Hardware research and development is a massive industry, what new hardware is out there that can bring XR devices to new heights. How does the tech work, how do these technologies allow new interactions or augment others. How do these allow us to work with new senses (motion, biosensing, world sense, spatial audio). What type of processing will be available to these devices.

Part 3) What software we need 2:30PM to 4:00PM

The next step once we have good hardware, is of course software, and OS. We now live in a time with some crazy powerful tools that everyone has access to, cloud computing, the web, AI, machine learning, biosensing, databases, geopositional data, rendering..

Part 4) What community we need 4:30PM to 6:00PM

These devices might now sound amazing, but if they aren't used, they are just expensive paperweights. That is why creating communities is probably the most important step. Social communities on the web and in person, supporting many sectors, gaming, health, education, development, activism. And Incentives to join, use, and improve those communities.

Part 5) Where this can bring us 6:30PM to 8:00PM

XR devices are currently mainly looked at as tools for either gaming or industry, but for those who have used the technology extensively know it can do so much more. How will this technology lead us to a smarter world. Will it create a faster world. It can help create a healthier world as well.

Questions will be answered during the breaks, including ones asked on the livestream chat.

Hope you will join us,
Ryan Sternlicht
Multidisciplinary Specialist, researcher, and maker