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Welcome to the Northern Virginia Casual Biking Group (NOVA-CBG). For your cycling pleasure, please join us for various casual bicycle rides around the area.  ************************************** 
How Do We Define "Casual"? :  ***************************************   Well, we really don't pressure anyone to be a professional cyclist.* We don't ask you to own any special gear (except for a helmet).* We don't ask you to wear special outfits (unless you want to).* All we ask is that you come as you are comfortably with a bike that is in well-tuned shape and a helmet. We ride with a "no man left behind" philosophy so that everyone can enjoy themselves without fear of getting lost or left behind. So the ride may have a few extra "re-grouping" stops if that is required due to various riding skills. Because of this philosophy we really try to ask that the cyclist's riding skill matches the ride they are on. 
Ride Levels:  ************************************** NoVA CBG tries to accommodate all levels of cyclists by offering different types/levels of rides. We just ask that you come to the ride that suits your current riding ability the best. 
*Introductory Level:
If you haven't ridden a bike in a number of years (or are uncertain of your abilities on a bicycle).

*Beginner Level:
You can easily ride your bike for 10 miles with some minor hills at a comfortable pace of 12+ mph.

*Medium Level:
You can do 20 miles pretty easily at a moderate pace of 13 to 15+ mph.

*Advanced Level: You can do 20++ miles easily at a 15+ pace and / or handle various challenges as rain, night riding, or other odd cycling situations.
Riding Requirements:  ************************************** Just like every other group we DO have some riding requirements:  1) Helmets are mandatory for every ride we do, no exceptions... period. 
2) All riders ride at their own risk and with the understanding that cycling is an inherently dangerous activity. Participating in a NoVA-CBG ride is voluntary and riders must be ready and able to participate in the ride as described in the meetup and under the conditions of the day. Riders have read and acknowledged by an RSVP 'YES''s "Terms of Service : Section 6. Release " found at and NOVA-CBG's "Assumption of Risk Agreement" found @
3) Just in case there is an emergency situation you should always have on you Identification, Insurance, and any other important medical information. 
4) All riders must be at least 18 years of age. 
5) No music is allowed on any of the rides. Headphones or otherwise. 
6) We have a "three strikes" NO SHOW policy, so please honor your RSVP or change it accordingly as soon as your situation changes. 
Membership Dues:  **************************************  Your first two months in the group are free, after that we have an annual $10.00 membership fee.  This fee helps defer the cost of the MEETUP fees and facilitates our Annual "Company" Picnic and Annual Holiday Party.  In addition these dues allow us to perform our Tire Changing and Gear classes and our Bike In Movies series during the winter.

Upcoming events (4+)

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  • Advanced Level: Cap2Cap&Back (Overnight)
    Needs location
    • Photo of Gary Wolanske
    • Photo of Ryan Fitz
    • Photo of bruce piercey
    • Photo of Linda B
    • Photo of Jordan
    Not open
  • *FREE BEVERAGE* Advanced: Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) - Hains Point
    Shirlington Library, Arlington, VA
    • Photo of Ryan Fitz
    • Photo of Dave W
    • Photo of Ronne
    • Photo of Gary Wolanske
    • Photo of MJ Milano
  • *Bring Lights* Beginner(+) Level: The Custard Cruise (Arrive 5:30, Rolling 6:00)
    Shirlington Library, Arlington, VA
    • Photo of Bonnie Packer
    • Photo of Gary Wolanske
    • Photo of Carol E
    • Photo of Kim Thompson
    • Photo of Janet Y
  • [TENTATIVE] Medium Level: 3 Covered Bridges & Springfield Manor (21 & 30 Miles)
    Thurmont Community Park, Thurmont, MD
    • Photo of Gary Wolanske
    Not open