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We are a group of triathletes and runners striving to have a healthy fit life-style.  We put together group workouts, charity events, talks by pro athlete guest speakers, and fun hangouts and parties and celebrate living an active life.
Any skills levels are welcome.
Please join us and get involved!
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that any physical training can lead to injuries, or death due to internal body issues or external events.  As a member of OC Tri N Run or simply attending one of the group's events, you do hereby for yourself, your heirs, executors and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which you may have hereafter accrued to you against OC Tri N Run, its organizers, or any other individuals, organizations or event sponsors associated with the above for any and all damages/injuries which may be sustained by you in connection with participation in and returning from OC Tri N Run meetups. You further attest and verify that you are physically fit, enjoying good health. You will additionally permit OC Tri N Run of your name and picture in newspapers, on the web, Social Media, and/or brochures related to this group.

Upcoming events (4+)

Saturday Bike Ride - All paces welcome

18007 Sky Park Cir

This is a weekly ride that a group of cyclists and skaters do on Saturday mornings.
We meet around 9:15 am and roll off is at 9:30 am.
The course is a 1 mile loop with no lights, so nobody gets dropped if they can't keep up with the pace of the group.
It's only a 1 hour workout. People will do between 20 to 30 miles.
You can come with a any kind of bike. Ideally a road bike.

Sunday Long Run! 4 to 10 miles (your choice)

Upper Newport Bay Park

Meet up at 8:50 AM to stretch by the entrance to the Muth Interpretive Center park, across from YMCA and leave at 9:00 AM sharp.

We typically have 2 groups running:

  1. A shorter distance group that does 4-7 miles at a 9-10 min/mile pace

  2. A longer distance group that does 10 miles at a 8-9 min/mile pace

Come join us.

Weekly Tuesday Night Run in Corona Del Mar

Location visible to members

Meeting and announcements at 6pm. Run starting at 6:10pm.

Because of the hill repeats and stair repeats, this is a great workout for legs and glutes with really great people as well! We run to little corona, do a steep ramp 1 to 10 times, run back to the China Cove stairs and do those 1 to 10 times (112 stairs), and then back to the start. It takes about an hour, and you can go at any pace that you're comfortable going. The views are so wonderful, you may forget you're exercising!

We have all speeds from 12 min/mile joggers to 5 min/mile super humans! We don't leave anyone behind. This is a great run if you're just starting and want a group to keep you motivated.

We usually go to Whole Foods at Fashion Island afterwards for dinner and drinks. There's an outdoor fire-pit and heaters.

This event is CROSS-POSTED on 5 meetups. We typically have 15-70 people each week.


Begonia Park to top of Little Corona ramp: 1 mile.

Optional loop to PCH and through the neighborhood: 1.5 miles

Each ramp round trip: 0.25 miles.

From the ramp to stairs: 0.75 miles.

Stairs round trip: 0.1 miles.

Top or stairs back to Begonia Park: 0.5 miles.

So: If you do 1 ramp and 1 stair set, that's 2.7 miles. Do 7 and 7, and that's about 5 miles.

Thursday Run in Newport Beach

1131 Back Bay Dr

Meeting and announcements at 6. Run starting at 6:10.

Starting at the dunes through Balboa Island. COME JOIN US! You could run as little as you’d like on an out and back course or do the balboa loops.
Here's a link for a 5-mile loop. There are plenty of spots that you could cut the course short to even as little as 1 mile.

(Our Thursday group runs that have been starting from fashion island since 2015 is now moved to starting at the Newport Dunes. We also have a swim meetup right before this. Join us for both)

Important Note:
Please practice social distancing and all other CDC/WHO COVID19 guidelines.

Past events (3,156)

Thursday Run in Newport Beach

1131 Back Bay Dr

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