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Group Discussion: Psychedelics and 2018, year in review.
As 2018 comes to an end, it's easy to look ahead and focus on the new year but it can be difficult to stay focused and present amidst the holiday bustle. This was another important and positive year for the psychedelic community and even though it went by quickly, a lot happened. The group has continued to grow in size and we now have over one thousand members! Our meetings have also been increasing in size and we had some of our best discussions yet. More and more people seem interested in psychedelics and the movement doesn't appear to be slowing down. Michael Pollen published an amazing book this year that, along with being a best seller, has opened the minds of thousands of individuals to the world of psychedelics. New studies were released that show psychedelics can stimulate neuron growth and MAPS continues to charge forward with their extremely successful MDMA ptsd treatment studies. All of these things combine to make 2018 the most exciting year for psychedelics yet. Since we've been having such great meetings recently, I decided to have one last gathering this year where we can go over everything that has happened in the past twelve months. I'll go over the things that got me excited related to psychedelics this past year. We can touch on some of the more popular discussions we had and even revisit some of those stories and conversations if people are interested. I will also share things that I thought worked really well with the group and things that could be improved for next year. If anyone has any thoughts about something they loved or struggled with I will be looking for feedback to help make the group better for everyone. You'r always encouraged to contact me over meetup with questions and/or thoughts but this will be a great chance to meet face to face. I will also be removing the size limit for this one meeting so anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. If your available this Saturday afternoon come by Shine for a snack, a drink, and share in a discussion about psychedelics in 2018! DISCLAIMER: This will not be an illegal meetup to buy and sell illegal drugs. Safety and privacy are extremely important to each researcher.

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    The focus of our meetup is two-fold:

    1. To restart an informative and rational dialogue about psychedelic use.

    2. To understand the positive benefits of small amounts of psychedelics for therapeutic and creative reasons.

    Psychedelics have been demonized by society for too many years. Because of the irresponsible consumption of psychedelics in the 1960s, an entire generation lost out on the potential life-changing power of psychedelic use. One of our focal points at The Third Wave is to inform and educate individuals about the positive benefits of psychedelic use. We aim to provide the full spectrum of facts about psychedelics so users can approach these substances with respect, reverence, and understanding. In addition, we are here to gather and share our personal experiences while educating and giving support to anyone who has tried or is interested in learning about the responsible use of psychedelics.

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    DISCLAIMER: This will not be an illegal meetup to buy and sell illegal drugs. Safety and privacy are extremely important to each researcher.

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