What we're about

The focus of our meetup is two-fold:

1. To restart an informative and rational dialogue about psychedelic use.

2. To understand the positive benefits of small amounts of psychedelics for therapeutic and creative reasons.

Psychedelics have been demonized by society for too many years. Because of the irresponsible consumption of psychedelics in the 1960s, an entire generation lost out on the potential life-changing power of psychedelic use. One of our focal points at The Third Wave is to inform and educate individuals about the positive benefits of psychedelic use. We aim to provide the full spectrum of facts about psychedelics so users can approach these substances with respect, reverence, and understanding. In addition, we are here to gather and share our personal experiences while educating and giving support to anyone who has tried or is interested in learning about the responsible use of psychedelics.

For more information on where I get all this information go to: http://thethirdwave.co/#intro

Please feel free to send questions, insights, and suggestions to the group organizer.

DISCLAIMER: This will not be an illegal meetup to buy and sell illegal drugs. Safety and privacy are extremely important to each researcher.

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