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I want you to THRIVE! My goal is to help you reach your real estate investment goals by equipping you with the knowledge, resources and people you need to achieve your definition of success. I offer individual and Group Coaching, Mastermind, Classes, a THREE Level Progressive series of 15 Fundamentals in a unique learning platform, an instant Power Team, dealmaking opportunities, a RAINMAKER team to find off market deals, and much more.

We have a full schedule of great Networking events, Trainings, Workshops, Guest Speakers, and individual Coaching (included in our membership), all created to help YOU learn about creating wealth by investing in real estate in the south east Michigan area. We take a long term, strategic, disciplined, and educational approach.

You'll learn how to: Create successful investment strategies; evaluate opportunities; create your investment team, discuss Case Studies, analyze properties currently on the market, negotiate contracts, find financing and anything else about land and realty.

We will discuss single family homes, multi-family apartments, student rentals, vacant land, commercial, Limited Partnerships, foreclosures, and much, much more!

Our meetings will be informational, fact-filled, and valuable. 

Come and check us out, you'll be glad you did!
Much like a Gym membership, You are welcome to attend ONE Class or General Meeting event as my GUEST, to see if investing, and this group is right for you. I also offer a FREE Introductory Coaching session. 
Our 101 Series: We offer a sequence of FIVE, 90 Minute New Investor Quick Start Seminars three or four times per year, that will teach you what you need to know to make deals. These Workshop will Teach:
The FIVE Investing Fundamentals, including Planning, Deal Analysis, Rehabbing, Marketing, Negotiation, and Power Team Building.
The FOUR basic Strategies of: Wholesaling, Flipping, BRRRR, and Buy and Hold. 
Our 201 Series: We then take what we learned during the Fundamental Series, and put that learning into ACTION with another FIVE SESSION Sequence that implements the fundamentals in 54 deliberate and methodical Action Steps.
Our 301 Series: This is another FIVE Session sequence focused on your White Whale: Where you will be in FIVE years. We'll plan for, and queue up a scalability model for your career, designed to give you a Work Optional Lifestyle in FIVE years.


We have an annual membership fee of $250 per person, or $300 for a couple or two person team.
You are welcome to attend this event for FREE if you are a first time attendee., or a VIP member. If you have any questions about our membership, please contact Brian at (734) 678-9032

If you've been to previous events, and want to join as a member, you can join on the day of the event. I accept payment by Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, or Zelle.

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