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The Future of Immersive Retail
The Future of Immersive Retail / RSVP via Eventbrite @ (No Refunds) How Immersive Technology (VR/AR) Can Influence Consumer Behavior. Companies are constantly required to adapt to ever-evolving consumer preferences. Consumer behaviour is easily influenced by targeting individuals’ perception and experiences. For years, psychological researchers have studied consumer buying behavior in brick-and-mortar stores. Consumer behaviour involves studying how individuals acquire, use, experience, and make decisions about goods/services. Technological advancements with products such as VR/AR now enable companies to greatly influence consumer behaviour in a positive manner. The confluence of technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), artificial intelligence are able to turn a traditionally passive shopping experience into one in which the consumer is directly engaging with brands and personalizing their retail journeys. These technologies are going to have the capacity to further blend online and physical retail, making retail experiences adaptive to consumers as their product offerings and even environment change in real-time rather than remaining stagnant.


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RETAIL TECHNOLOGY is a group for industry professionals interested in retail big data, e-commerce, social media marketing, online payment services, mobile shopping, consumer habit engagement, research & development, product marketing and digital trends.

Highlights and previous featured speakers & professionals from retail and tech companies: Avenue Code, Betabrand, Cisco Systems, Gensler, Iron Creative, Levi's, Retail Design Institute, S.A.P., Storefront, Walmart.

Our forum create opportunities for early adopters, buyers, developers (app & business), entrepreneurs, startups and retailers to advance the future of retail technology. We exchange innovative ideas during our annual summit and quarterly forums gathering the top echelons of the retail and tech industries.

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