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before i started this group, just about 2 years ago, i had less than 5 "foodie" friends. it wouldn't be unusual to see

these friends dining on frozen dinners or fast food. not-to-say they complained when faced with a home cooked meal

at my place, but . . . i just wasn't getting that fuzzy feeling. that feeling that surrounds you with a warm and satisfied

glow (who doesn't like to bathe in the praise that a well-cooked meal elicits). during this same time period i was

getting ready to move into a new place, alone, and looking to make some new friends. i stumbled upon meetup

through a facebook ad, searched for a food group locally, and found no such group.

so . . . i started my own.

if you desire to learn the basics, expand your knowledge, or share what you already know, join us! all skill

levels are welcome to take part. come alone or bring a friend; either way you are guaranteed to learn and have fun

while you're doing it.

no culinary stone will be left unturned. on this journey we will taste everything the diverse culinary world has to offer,

from the most refined delicacy to the grittiest "down-home" comfort food. i have recently been inspired by a book

titled: 1000 Things To Taste Before You Die. while some of the foods are very pedestrian others are totally

outrageous: for example, pecorino and maggot cheese (the real name is CASA MARZU ( from Sardinia. any takers?

ok, so we won't be going that route. Perhaps that is a little extreme, ok ok ok . . . WAY TOO EXTREME even for me!!!!!!!!

alright, now that i have scared you away with visions of bug-infested cheese, head on over to that big JOIN US

button and begin your own culinary journey . . . with us!

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