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Shut Up & Write!™ - SF Marathon SATURDAY April 21st
Stop procrastinating and get writing! Join us at our convenient LOCATION right next to Hastings, 1 block from Market St and Civic Center BART [get out on UN Plaza] The Celtic Cafe is changing it's name to Urbean ***As a courtesy to other writers who want to attend, PLEASE un-RSVP as soon as you decide you're not coming! *** Because so many people fail to change their RSVPs -- if you signed up and you're still on the waiting list, just show up. Hosted by Deb Mc NEW HOURS! NEW SCHEDULE! Join other writers for a daylong marathon of focused writing! 9:15 am - Check-in, Introductions 9:30 am - Write for two-and-a-half hours 12:00 pm - (45 min lunch break) New arrivals check-in, Lunch, chat 12:45 pm- Write for one hour fifteen minutes 02:00 pm - Session is ended and coffee shop is closed. **************************************************** If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for some marathon sessions, up to 3 hours 45 minutes of focused writing! You're welcome to come for part or all of the writing sessions in the marathon. It may just be "pipe-cleaning" for now, but you'll feel better showing up at the page. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice. To keep all of us and the Celtic Coffee Company (Urbean) staff happy, here are a few guidelines for the Marathon meetup: 1) Please try to arrive a bit early to get a seat with the group, or at least on time. Check in! When you arrive, locate the host (with the MEET-UP SIGN) and make sure to write down your name on the signup sheet (as you RSVP'd on meetup). 2) IF YOU ARRIVE LATE PLEASE try not to disrupt the writing flow! Find a seat somewhere, start writing, and WAIT FOR THE BREAK to sign in and introduce yourself. At Celtic Coffee Company (Urbean) cafe, we mostly take over the back area, but you can sit where you want. 3) If you arrive for the MORNING SESSION, please also write down on the LUNCH ORDER sheet your name and lunch order chosen from the menu board at the cafe. We give the lunch order list to the staff by 11:45 so they can have all of our lunches ready to go at 12:00 noon. You pay for your orders at the counter individually at lunch time. To avoid having the staff interrupt during the writing session to ask for clarification of lunch orders, please remember to SPECIFY items like (a) BEVERAGE, (b) type of BREAD for sandwich, (c) type of CHEESE for sandwich (or, "no cheese"). 4) When the cafe is crowded, please occupy all the seats at the tables where meetup participants are located, i.e. don't go one person per table, or we will anger the rest of the cafe customers. 5) If you have a power strip or a few, please bring it/them! It will help us to make sure that everyone has a place to plug in. 6) This should be obvious, but as a reminder -- the cafe is a business, not the public library. We don't want to wear out our welcome! During breaks, make sure to purchase something from the cafe That will cause them to want us to come back again and again. 7) If you can't make it, please un-RSVP at least a few days in advance if at all possible. Late RSVP changers and No-Shows have prevented eager writers from attending past overly subscribed Marathons!

Celtic Coffee Company

142 McAllister Street · San Francisco, CA

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Shut Up & Write!™ is more than a movement, more than a good idea. We’re a method of writing that delivers. As an international organization, we are thousands of writers in a worldwide community, but most importantly, we are writers who write together in a local cafe. Join us.

We have events every week, all over. Sometimes we talk after. Whatever you’re writing, whatever form it takes, wherever you are in your process, you won’t be the only one.

And if you need help with your writing, we offer that too.

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Meetup Event Format

It is an empowering and rewarding experience to write an hour each week, at the same time and place. It serves as powerful support for building your daily writing discipline.

RSVP and please arrive 10–15 minutes early to get settled. At the Meetup our Organizer will lead introductions and then everyone will sit down and write.

Afterwards, feel free to get to know each other. Members often talk about their successes and challenges as writers. The Shut Up & Write!™ format brings a social facet to a normally isolated craft.

Our Meetups are a safe space for writers to work on their craft. No one will read or critique your writing.

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else.“ - Gloria Steinem

This is your time to write.

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