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What we’re about

This is a meetup about the use of social data.

Like me you may be wanting to use Social data (aka Social media data, big data, unstructured data) to drive insight.

You may be asking questions like:

    What social data should I use and why?

    What can I learn from others who have used social data successfully in their organization?

    What are the key trends in the use of social data?

    Where can I meet with social data publishers face to face?

    What tools can I leverage to analyze?

    How do I integrate social data into my organization?

It's all very well hooking into the Twitter streams and collecting a bunch of Facebook likes but what do we do with the data when we've got it?

So no matter whether you're a budding social media marketing guru, a data scientist, a Chief Data Officer, or a product czar - this meetup is for you.