What we're about

Modern / Contemporary Square Dancing is not what your grandparents did way back when - get fiddles and banjos and barns OUT of your mind!!! It's team dancing to upbeat music of almost any genre - we dance to alternative, classic rock, hip hop, Top 40, jazz, new country... pretty much anything that has a decent beat. Here are some samples of the music you'll find in the dance instructor's repertoire:

Open Arms - Steve Perry (Journey)
Heaven - Brian Adams
Beggin - Maneskin
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammer

Okay, I have to say that it's not the ONLY kind of music I use, but I do try to mix that into every dance. Let's just say there's lots of variety! 😊

This dancing is great for people of all ages, but more and more, it's getting to be a young peoples dance form. It's good physically - you're moving; it's good socially - you're working in teams of 8; it's good mentally - you have to hear the dance instruction and then execute the step a second later.

The instructor, Wendy VanderMeulen, has been square dancing for 40 years and has almost 25 years experience in teaching Modern Square Dancing. Dancers always leave her dances looking forward to the next one.

Come and see what it's all about!!

Past events (2)

Square Dance Russell - April 13

Russell Arena

Square Dance Russell - March Dance

Russell Arena