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The Sun Lakes Hiking Club is a fun and social oriented group that is open to individuals who either 1) reside, rent or lease in Sun Lakes or Sunbird or 2) are former residents who maintain their annual membership in The Club. 
The Sun Lakes Hiking Club began in 1985. By 1987 the group was official with by-laws, prescheduled weekly hikes, designated hike leaders, and rules designed to make group hiking fun, challenging, and safe.
Group hikes are scheduled from November through April. Hikers meetup at Cottonwood Country Club parking lot at 7:45 am from November through February. In March and April, hikers assemble at 6:45 am. Members may or may not carpool to the hikes and share expenses based on distance to the trailhead. Detailed descriptions of hikes are on this website.
Motivated hikes are more rigorous, faster paced and stop less frequently; Moderate Monday and Wednesday hikes are less strenuous and more "social"; Mellow Monday hikes are the easiest basic hikes or walks. REMEMBER TO KEEP 6' APART ON THE TRAILS.
*1st TIME HIKERS TO THE CLUB MUST CALL THE HIKE LEADER BY SATURDAY BEFORE THE HIKE. New hikers must sign a "Release from Liability" Form at your first hike. You must successfully complete two hikes and have the hike leader sign-off. You are then eligible to complete a Membership Application, and pay a one-time $6 initiation and the $5 annual club dues. Signing in on the Club website does not make you a Sun Lakes Hiking Club member.
Equipment recommended for hiking includes 1) good hiking boots and socks, 2) a sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses, 3) a backpack or fanny pack capable of carrying adequate water for the hike, 4) a snack or lunch, and 5) basic first aid supplies. Other useful items include one or two hiking sticks, a comb or tweezers for removing cacti stickers, and a jacket. 
HIKE RATING CODES used by the Sun Lakes Hiking Club are:
Motivated Hikes = Intermediate - Moderately Difficult: 7 - 10 miles and/or 1000 to 2000+ feet elevation gain
Moderate Hikes = Somewhat Easy: Less than 7 miles and less than 1000 feet elevation gain
• Mellow Hikes = Leisurely pace: Less than 5 miles and less than 500 feet elevation change
• Hike leaders determine variables affecting the hike and may add (+) or (-) to the rating.
The hiking club recommends being protected with the most current Covid and Flu Vaccines annually to protect yourself and fellow hikers when participating in club events.
All hikers should ask themselves the following three questions the day before hiking:
1. Have you been exposed to a person with COVID in the last 5 days?
2. Have you been exposed to a person with the flu in the last 4 days?
3. Have you experienced any of the following 8 virus symptoms in the last 24-hours? (Muscle and body aches; Cough; Diarrhea; Fatigue; Fever; Loss of taste or smell; Short of breath or difficulty breathing; Runny or stuffy nose, or allergy like symptoms) If you answered YES to any of these questions, the hiker should plan on not attending the hike.
Carpool drivers may require masks be worn when driving to and from hiking trails.
President: Ted Maresh (
Vice President: Paul Feeney
Secretary: Ron Deraas & Joan Carlisle
Treasurers: Dick Metz & Al Metz
Communications: Warren Wasescha
Web Coordinator: Barb Smith
Hike Coordinators: Tracy Nilsen
Social Coordinator: DeEtte Faith
- Mellow Hikes: Ginny & Al Metz
- Moderate Hikes: Scott Downey
- Motivated Hikes: Marilyn Harkins
If you have questions or need information about the club please email the president. If you have comments about or corrections to the information about current hikes on this site please email the hike coordinators. If you have questions or comments about this website please email the web coordinator.

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