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We are currently organizing a special Pitch & Demo Day ( event which focuses on Consumer Mobile products and we are looking for great new SF based startups.

Please come and pitch your startup to F50 investors at 5:30PM on Sept 10th Wednesday @ 725 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 94107. You will also be featured to the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs ( community.

Submit your application HERE (

If you are named the winner or runner-up and qualify, you might have a shot at entering F50 S2 (

Pitch: your Start-up to a panel of VCs / Angels (Prior registration is required)

Demo: your product at world's largest Mobile Entrepreneurs community, in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Co-founder Pitch: Are you looking for mobile developer or co-founders? Join this event! (Registration not required, you can also post at our startup job board Startup Job Board: )

Registration access:

Here is how we are helping the winners of Pitch and Demo Day to get funded in 6 months:

• Pitch a group of investors privately

• Connect with the investors from Silicon Valley Venture Network

• Featured by SVEntrepreneurs group

• Post your jobs, openings, partnership offers for free!

• Free services from many sponsors

=== Agenda===

5:30PM Networking

6PM Opening & Introduction

Dave Nugent, Evangelist at PubNub

6:05PM Opening Remark

6:15PM Keynote

6:20PM Startup Pitch

Total 10 minutes for each presentation and Q&A.
- 5 minutes for Presentation
- 5 minutes for Q&A
Note: A judge can extend the presentation time limit by an extra minute

7:30PM Founder Story

Fuad Hawit, Founder at Groopie, Aug Startup of Month

7:45PM Co-founder pitch (Open mic)

8PM Judging Panel Discussion

8:25PM Closing Remark

8:30PM Networking (Welcome sponsors)

Free water, beer and snacks will be provided!

=== Judge Panel List ===

Ryan Bloomer, Managing Partner at Momentum Accelerator

Canice Wu, Partner at F50

We have a boardroom meeting right before the event at the same day and some investors from boardroom meeting would join the judge panel.

=== Judge Panel Bio ===

Ryan Bloomer, Managing Partner at Momentum Venture Partners

We invest and grow leading mobile startups from around the world.

Canice Wu, Partner at F50

=== Startup Pitching List ===

Staytuned: ( Staytuned is a context aware user interface that provides users with the right apps at the right moment, directly on their lock screen.

DoctorQuickly ( Instant Health Care through your Phone.

Drively: ( A simple snapshot of your driving.

Blush Messenger ( Send a secret message to a friend, get a video of their reaction as your message is revealed.

Bibs ( bibs is a platform for modernizing running events.

GEO ( A mobile app that allows you to share information as you walk by people.

PlayWith: ( Über for sports and games.

=== Details ===

Staytuned: ( Staytuned is a context aware user interface that provides users with the right apps at the right moment, directly on their lock screen.

Staytuned collects devices’ hardware (sensors) and software (usage of mobile apps) data to learn from the users and predict their future
behavior. It provides users with a direct access to their most used
applications for every context and with the most suitable applications already available in their devices. Additionally, it works as a platform for app developers increase their loyal users from their already existing user base.


Presented by Alejandro Garcia Del Bosque, Founder and CEO of Staytuned

Business techy with an entrepreneurial spirit and strong international background. Founder and CEO of Staytuned, a young startup in the mobile industry based in Palo Alto. Previous experience in cross-border M&A/Fundraising operations in the TMT industry and business development at a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley. Networks in the US/Germany/Mexico.

DoctorQuickly ( Instant Health Care through your Phone.

* DoctorQuickly is the First Mobile Application which can provide live video/audio/messaging health care consultations 24/7.
* DoctorQuickly makes sure you reach a doctor right away in necessity no matter what time.
* DoctorQuickly brings Doctors and Patients closer with truly innovative solutions.
* DoctorQuickly is Uber for Doctors, with seamless Doctor Communications, Payments and Ratings systems.
* Tele Video Consultation market is projected to grow to $13.7 Billion in 2018.
* DoctorQuickly provides HIPAA Compliant Video, Audio, Photos and Messaging channels.
* DoctorQuickly is redefining the mobile healthcare professional services market.

Presented by Hirish, CEO, Co-Founder at DoctorQuickly

Serial Entrepreneur. More than decade of experience with startups and fortune 50 companies. Lead Architect for Cisco Video Streaming.

Drively: ( A simple snapshot of your driving.

US drivers spend about 1 hour daily on the road, but there is very little actionable information. Fleet management systems are already using statistical information to improve vehicle usability, maintenance and driver safety. Consumers should have easy and affordable access to this information as well.

Our application is based on a cheep OBD device that could be purchased today for ~$10. The device plugs into any car made since 1996. This device together with a cell phone becomes a powerful cloud enabled analytics tool. Our android application is available through Google Play store with >1000 downloads and >50000 total miles driven by users.

Links to website and the application:

Presented by Eldar Khaliullin, Founder and CEO at Drively

Ph.D from Purdue University in Electrical Engineering. Spent some time in Software startups in Semiconductor Manufacturing. Successfully co-founded and sold a business in the area and about year and a half moved to automotive telematics and consumer applications.

Blush Messenger ( Send a secret message to a friend, get a video of their reaction as your message is revealed.

Blush is a mobile messaging application with a unique implementation of video. Blush uses the front-facing camera to record the reactions of friends as your private messages are revealed to them. Blush enhances the offline convenience and openness of texting with the human element of face-to-face communication

Presented by Danny Espinoza, Founder and CEO at Blush Messenger

In 2003 I started my own consulting business, Mesa Dynamics, which led to an asset acquisition where I met my business partner. He and I started three startups: Quece (patent portfolio acquired by Intellectual Ventures in 2007), Lumifi (SaaS document analysis company shuttered in 2008) and CardStar (acquired by Constant Contact in 2012), a mobile application for managing customer loyalty.

I was awarded a U.S. patent for technology created at CardStar (8,468,054).

Bibs ( bibs is a platform for modernizing running events.

Bibs is creating a platform that unites runners and event directors. We have a registration system that allows runners to sign up for events and handles the transaction and ties directly into event management software. We also have an easy to use hardware platform that times runners at the day of the event and a fraction of the price event directors are used to paying. This plugs directly into the app, which allows runners to view and share their results in addition to discovering new events. Bibs received an angel investment from two respected event directors and timers in the running industry at the beginning of the year.

Presented by Galen, CTO of Bibs.

Galen has an educational background in Computational Physics and experience in numerical computing/algorithm design. He worked at multiple gambling software companies and a wearables company building a fitness tracker, then moved to help founding bibs.

GEO ( A mobile app that allows you to share information as you walk by people.

We are a mobile app that will allow people to walk by one another and share information. After people receive information, they can than share it with others as they walk by one another. Consider us like a Twitter with feet. We plan to change the information age forever, and our unique server design that monitors people's location so they can constantly share information while moving will revamp digital content sharing forever. Imagine a college kid throwing a party? He can share his thought out and others can share it, and therefore his thought could go viral as people move around.

Presented by Alden Morri

My name is Alden Morris, I am an inventor and entrepreneur. We are building a mobile app that allows users to walk past one another and share ideas, events, photos, music, and more. When one user receives a thought, another user can share their thought as they walk around.

Here is my Linkedin:

Here is our pitch video:

PlayWith: ( Über for sports and games.

A modern, easy to use, convenient and mobile first solution to help people engage in sports and games.

Social networks only claim that they are building communities whereas often they are just helping people spend even more time staring at a screen in isolation.
Existing fitness oriented social networks never suggest calling a friend to go for a run. Rather, they encourage going by yourself and then telling all your friends all about it on Facebook.
Online multiplayer is great and everything, but there’s nothing quite like gaming together with friends who are there with you in person, or competing in front of a cheering crowd. Think back to those games you played at the arcade, or on the playground, or on your friend’s couch.
PlayWith, an app that helps friends and strangers get together to play the games they love. Using the PlayWith app, people can find a game to play, right now or later. Anything from a game of soccer to a tennis match, on the pitch or on the couch.
PlayWith uses geofencing and machine learning to algorithmically increase event fill-up rate, participation and reduce no-shows. PlayWith does away with the friend paradigm. Removes serendipity as a factor. Leverages player reviews, social connections and authentication to create a safe and curated experience.

Presented by Alex Malov, Founder at PlayWith

Formerly East Coast finance and then international logistics. Last few years CEO at a B2B SaaS company where besides running the company I got hooked on product design. B2B SaaS company was acquired and jumped in head first and started PlayWith. At first as a means to solve a pet peeve but it quickly evolved into something more.

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