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What we’re about

🚨IF you ARE serious about getting started in real estate investment, you have to come check us out, at least once.🚨

Text Glenn at 602-842-2524 to get tapped into our network and receive the full schedule of events.

 👉🏼 If you are a seasoned investor you will have access to a larger network of like minded investors that are successful in real estate investment. All-in-all we have a very purist mentality.  Our network is different and people feel it.  Our mission is to create a network of investors who meet regularly within a comfortable environment to discuss and receive training on how to better their business👍🏼. 

👉🏼If you're a new investor you will receive real HANDS-ON training on the actual mechanics of real estate investment, the "HOW TO" part of a deal.  You will also be able to meet other investors and vendors that you can add to your Power Team as you build and develop your real estate business.  People attending our meetings are Investors, Realtors, Attorneys, Title and Escrow Officers, Hard Money Lenders, Private Investors and many other service providers.  This is real life bonafide real estate investment training. You will gain business contacts that will add value to your organization or team.  We ENCOURAGE you to promote your own business.

🏡 These open meetings are a good place for anyone to learn and grow their knowledge and contact base.  You will also LEARN very valuable strategies and techniques for finding the best deals. 

Our meetings are organized and run by FULL-TIME real estate investors. Combined, the organizers have done thousands of deals on their own and with their own money and investor funds.  Experience comes in the forms of how many years one has been working in the industry, but more importantly, the amount of transactions you have successfully completed. 

I can assure you that if you come with questions they will be answered.  I can also guarantee that you will walk away with more questions than you came with because you may not know what you don't know and we WILL present ideas and strategies that will impress you and empower you in your business. 

What's in it for us? 

1. Provide valuable and current training that will help you find deals that you will want to partner on with us.  In other words, our number one goal is to do more deals so that we can all become more profitable. 

2. Create a network of knowledgeable business people, and that we will have a pool of people who have diverse talents and insights.  Strength in numbers, if you will... 

3. Give back to the investor community by conveying the same knowledge and principles that have made us successful. 

We have a cozy restaurant located at our venue for food, drinks and deal making!

The breakdown of our agenda for our meetings is this:

6:30 - 7:00 Mix and Mingle

7:00 Welcome and Announcements

7:15 Join one of our 8 Mastermind Break-out Groups

8:00 Mix and Mingle

The meeting ends when everybody goes home.  You are welcome to come and go as you please.  If you arrive late to our meetings, don't worry, come on in and have a seat.  If you can't stay for the entire meeting don't worry about it. Come and get as much knowledge as you can with the time you have.  Thanks for your interest in real estate investment and welcome to the community.  🏡 

Text Glenn at 602-842-2524 to get tapped into our network and receive the full schedule of events.