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A KARAOKE EVENING -Welcome Back After Summer Party ..We'll Eat,Sing & Joyful !
Kokyo is a quaint little restaurant with an extensive vegan menu. The food appears to be authentic Japanese food (from what I've been told). Their tofu is freshly made in-house. Note: I've reserved the Karaoke room whereby we're able to not just have a nice dinner, we can sing and be joyful all night long :). The price of the Karaoke room is 500 :-. Therefore if about if 18 persons RSVP for the the meet-up the cost would be about 27 :- per person (for the private karaoke room). The food is well priced therefore I believe the above added cost should be o.k for most persons. It is not required to order dinner at this event, you're welcome to just come for the Karaoke. It's our first dinner /restaurant meetup since returning from our summer brake. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Let's eat ,sing and be merry without anyone else taking note but us :). Note: The cost for the Karaoke room will be about 27:- each if 18 persons RSVP for the restaurant. It will cost less if more as it depends on the number of persons attending the meetup. You are welcome to just join us for the Karaoke. ** We will be there until the restaurant closes so don't worry about being late, just let me know if you'll be late since we'll likely begin to order around 6PM or so website menu :

Kokyo Restaurant

Sveavägen 105 · Stockholm


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Do you love trying new vegetarian & vegan restaurants? Do you enjoy the company of fellow vegetarians & vegans? Do you wish to dine with others that have the same enthusiasm for vegetarian and vegan food that you do? Welcome to our group. Where the aim of Vegetarian Corner is to promote great friendships and harmonious connections. Stockholm has many excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and new ones are opening all the time. Join us as we explore them all, and enjoy dining with some of the kindest, most gracious, most socially-conscious people in Stockholm Plus, join us as we go out on the town to vegetarian and vegan friendly bars and lounges. And partake when we go to visit some outstanding music venues. Great ways to have fun nights out on the town while in the company of a cool and compassionate group of vegetarians and vegans. We warmly welcome all vegetarians and vegans as well as those that are considering a vegetarian or vegan diet.

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