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Meet other local people interested in Organic Gardening: share experiences, inspire and encourage each other! Join a Organic Gardening group.
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Largest Organic Gardening groups


Square Roots - Brooklyn Urban Farming Community

5,331 Members | Brooklyn,
Photo of Square Roots - Brooklyn Urban Farming CommunityOrganized by Max Gordon

Saint Louis Urban Farm & Sustainable Backyard Network

4,831 Advocates of Sustainability | Saint Louis,
Photo of Saint Louis Urban Farm & Sustainable Backyard NetworkOrganized by Chris Clark

GreenUps - Sydney's Green Drinks

4,196 Sydney Green Drinkers | Sydney,
Photo of GreenUps - Sydney's Green DrinksOrganized by Network Canada
Lygon presents a NAIDOC week special screening of Regenerating Australia - Tuesday 5th July 5pm Westfield Works

Creativity, Soul, & Transformation

4,103 Seekers | Hartford,
Photo of Creativity, Soul, & TransformationOrganized by Laura

Hong Kong Green & Sustainable Lifestyle

3,786 Sustainability Heroes | Hong Kong,
Photo of Hong Kong Green & Sustainable LifestyleOrganized by Wang Angela
<p><b>Hong Kong Green &amp; Sustainable Lifestyle</b><span> is a Meetup Group for you, people who want to do their parts protecting our Mother Earth and the environment.</span> <br></p>
<p>We are looking for a lot of event ideas and many event organizers.

Atlanta Sustainable Community

2,765 Members | Atlanta,
Photo of Atlanta Sustainable CommunityOrganized by Mike McCord

Austin-Aquaponics and Sustainable living

2,244 Aquaponeers | Austin,
Photo of Austin-Aquaponics and Sustainable livingOrganized by Rob Nash

Greater Boston Permaculture Guild

1,984 Permaculture Gardeners | Boston,
Photo of Greater Boston Permaculture GuildOrganized by utah

Organic and Sustainable Living Meetup

1,968 Sustainability Enthusiasts | Orlando,
Photo of Organic and Sustainable Living MeetupOrganized by Curt
Come and join us bring your family and friends.
Nourish . . . Kitchen: Farm to Table
Let's chat in real facetime!

Whole Food Plant Based Education NYC

1,931 Healthful Eaters | New York,
Photo of Whole Food Plant Based Education NYCOrganized by Lynn