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Two-week trial: Free.
Dues: $6 /year. (Contributions help pay for group's webpage.)

May 2, 2021
Join us for new in-person trail running and hiking meets for fully-vaccinated (2 WEEKS OR MORE after final shot) members. All members are invited to practice virtual workouts (YOGA, HIIT, CORE) with us to support your DIY trail hikes and runs. Check our calendar of events for updates! www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html


SF East Bay, CA
"Generations and community running and hiking together in nature."
Over 1000 meets and counting since May 2012.

Welcome trail runners and hikers!

All members are expected to be able to read trail maps and be self-sufficient. This group is for people training for: fitness, foot races on trail, and other sporting events. Run/walkers/hikers of all paces, including: visitors, those returning from pregnancy, breaks, or health issues are welcome.

This is a private and volunteer-run, early morning exercise group based in Oakland and Berkeley area. We run early morning with the occasional cross-training (e.g., YOGA, HIIT, dodgeball, etc.) together!

How yoga can help your running (http://www.runnersworld.com/stretching/yoga-poses-build-strength-running), Runnersworld
* See schedule of events below.



Photos: Summer training run, Tahoe Rim Trail, CA-NV


Photo: Summer training run on the North Face course, Marin Headlands.

New members
Ability to run-walk or run at least six miles and race goals. Read group requirements and pre-requisites. We invite new members of all paces to drop-in and attend meets for a free two-week trial. Join us for weekly morning runs, on hilly, rocky dirt trails! Capacity: 50 members (max.)

FEES (dues)
Two-week free trial membership. Then, $6 /year to help cover the group's Meetup site at the basic plan rate (and supplies for socials if enough funds are raised for the site). * Note: Group actually receives only approx. $5 after processing fees.

Please join us for our regular weekly early morning group trail runs on: • 6 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Berkeley, and 10 AM on Sundays (easy) in Oakland or Berkeley. • Other runs take place in Oakland and in other areas of the East Bay.

Where Discover and learn local trails using maps, with a group! Trail runs typically take place in the East Bay: Redwood, Strawberry Canyon, Tilden, Cesar Chavez parks. We run in darkness, rain, and/or sun.
What Regular runs include: weekday morning training runs (5+ miles of trail fartlek, tempo, hill repeats), easy Sundays (~3-7 mi.), and weekend long runs (12 to 30+ mi.) with pace groups as needed. Special runs include: no-drop social runs, Women's, Midsummer Night, and Family Holiday season trail runs/hikes.
Who We meet out on the trails together for safety and camaraderie. This is a private, small group of local, active members of various speeds, ages, and abilities. Our active members are family, friends, and neighbors. Members know their own limits and respect them, and practice Leave No Trace. Members participate in-person and train consistently for trail events, 5Ks to ultras (e.g., trail races by Inside Trail Racing, Brazen Racing, The North Face Endurance Challenge, TRT, American River 50, etc.). We also occasionally list cross-training meets (e.g., yoga, hiking, socials, etc.) that support performance and overall well-being. This group's events, organized by unpaid

VOLUNTEERS, are for people who love nature, running on our local East Bay trails, and community. This is not a coached group. If you are looking for a trail running coach, check out the LMJS website. For evening trail runs, check out Berkeley running club and Salomon run club.


Photo: Morning weekday group, New Year's day run, east bay hills (SF in BG).


Photo: Winter snowshoe trip, Sierra mountains, CA



Photos: Run to the Winter holiday lights night run, Berkeley hills Race and fitness goals "Join forces. While many runners embrace the solitude of running, numerous studies highlight the benefits of working out with others, including greater satisfaction with exercise, increased motivation to set and reach goals, and greater consistency." \ -- The Bliss List, Runner's World "A race can give you something to focus on, an opportunity to be part of the running community, and a way to celebrate your training." -- Training Tips: Trail Running, Five Tips From Champion Ultrarunner Michael Wardian


Volunteering Volunteering is a great way to support and help sustain the running community and environment. Members of our group have volunteered for local community events, such as those by: The North Face Endurance Challenge, East Bay Parks, Girls on the Run, Inside Trail Racing, and International-California Coastal Cleanup by the bay trail. Our motto: "Run, have fun, respect others, and respect nature!" (Eat, repeat... :)* Interested? Join us. See you on the trails!


Photo: Berkeley-Oakland hills



Photo: Sunol Regional Wilderness


Photo: First TRG group run, training on TNFEC course, Muir Woods, CA


Photo credit: Second and third generation redwoods, Joaquin Miller Park, via City of Oakland. __________________________ Note: If you notice few RSVPs, not to worry. We may be a small group, but we still have dedication, love the trails and plan to be at every meet! (Any meet changes will be posted.) This group's event details and membership are available only to members for privacy and safety. Powered by: TRG volunteers. Copyright Trail Running Group, for all TRG content, 2012 to present. PRIVATE GROUP #TrailRunningGroup #TrailRunning #California #SanFranciscoBayArea #Oakland #Berkeley](http://www.jeffgalloway.com/training/run-walk/)

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