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During COVID, we are a virtual PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMUNITY. Our purpose is to create a platform for women to engage in open, honest and meaningful conversations with like-minded women.


How do you describe an unstoppable woman? Courageous, Confident, Compassionate, Independent, Assertive? These are virtues (https://virtuesproject.com/Pdf/100Virtueshandout.pdf) - universal, positive traits that empower us to give the best of ourselves to each other and the world. They are what enable us to be unstoppable! You can also download the free Virtues Matter app (https://www.virtuesmatter.com/app)that provides 50 virtues.

The key to Walking the Path of the Unstoppable Woman (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8z9U8nWO9V0Yl9TUW1UbDNmODQ/view?usp=sharing) is to deepen your understanding, practice of the virtues in everyday life!


Our specialty is Virtual Virtues Sharing Circles.

“I hadn't had the chance to be in a session led by you before, and you were WONDERFUL. Your voice, and your clarity of instruction + powerful questions to include the group = magic!" Niamh M.


I am vibrantly, boldly alive - actively participating in my life as my authentic self

I Walk the Path...

I am a catalyst for joy, transformation and creative self-expression

I Walk the Path...

As a leader, I STAND WITH integrity, confidence and courage ...and I STAND FOR service, cooperation and excellence.

I Walk the Path

As a woman, I share my wisdom, I take initiative, I embody strength, and I live with enthusiasm

I know who I am, and I know my place in this world.

I Walk the Path... of the Unstoppable Woman!

Are you an Unstoppable Woman? Join Us!

Stay connected in between Meetups. Join our private FaceBook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/unstoppablewomensv/).

The intention of this member-only group is to allow members a place to gather and engage in between meetups. If you're not sure if something is okay to post, please ask for permission so our community stays grounded in authentic connections and does not become a self-promotion platform.



Shannon D. Silva, MBA is the Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Women of Silicon Valley. She is a Master Facilitator of The Virtues Project (http://shannondsilva.virtuesproject.com/). Her specialty is creating sacred space for women to engage in open, honest and compassionate communication that creates more JOY in their lives.

She is professionally trained as a Dale Carnegie speaker and Appreciative Living Coach. With a reputation for captivating audiences with her enthusiasm, authenticity and passion, Shannon is known throughout the community as a catalyst for joy, transformation and creative self-expression.

She's been happily married for over 26 years and has 2 boys (cats).

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Creating the Life You Want

Needs a location

When you pay attention to what makes you feel energized, follow your intuition, and do what you love, you will do more than just succeed. You will soar! ~Oprah

What areas of your life give you satisfaction and what areas could use a little more love? During this meet up, we’ll complete the Wheel of Life activity to help you rank your satisfaction across 12 key values. This will give you a blueprint for creating the life you want! In future meetups, we’ll explore one of the 12 values.

Wanna get a sneak peek at the Wheel of Life activity, click here for the sample from Oprah’s, The Life You Want Planner (having the planner isn’t required to attend).

Here's the plan

  • Meet by the adult swings (near the basketball courts) in Campbell Park. Here's info on Parking in Campbell
  • Walk to Orchard Valley Coffee (treat yourself to something yummy)
  • Walk to a seating area for a Sharing Circle and the Wheel of Life activity, then return to Campbell Park

Look forward to seeing you!

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San Pedro Social

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