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YALLA ARABI is a free EDUCATIONAL Arabic language and culture meetup group that serves the San Francisco and East Bay area.

NO ARABIC LANGUAGE EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. Everyone is welcome! Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

We invite people from ALL backgrounds and ALL levels of Arabic experience to participate. We learn Arabic in fun, interactive and supportive ways by using collaborative activities and instructor-led exercises. We also watch Arabic films, eat at Arabic restaurants and attend Arab cultural events.

We heartily welcome advanced and native Arabic speakers to assist us with the Arabic learning activities. If you are interested in volunteering or doing a language trade to improve your English while improving our Arabic, please post a comment on our Yalla Arabi Facebook wall or here on our meetup page.

Pens and notepads are encouraged! Our meetups take place in host homes and public venues. Take a look at our varied history of meetup events!




PRIVATE ARABIC TUTOR: Hassan Al Nawar is a native Arabic speaker from Iraq with an Associate of Arts degree in Arabic Literature from Baghdad University (his B.S degree is in Physics). Hassan has over 7 years of experience teaching Arabic and currently tutors Arabic language students for the Monterey Language Institute. He has an excellent command of classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and the Iraqi dialect. Hassan can help you improve your ability to speak, read and write Arabic with one-on-one tutoring sessions. If you’re interested in tutoring, contact Hassan at hassan.jh07@yahoo.com




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People can learn Arabic by talking to Syrian refugees via this resource: https://natakallam.com/


Arabic language resources:
https://tutorful.co.uk/blog/a-guide-on-learning-arabic-expert-tips-and-tools http://www.livingarabic.com/index.html



GO TO https://arabfilminstitute.org/donate/ AND CHOOSE BCC FILM SERIES OR PayPal.Me/payfai (https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/payfai) to help me pay for the meetup dues. Alf Shukr!!

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Welcome to the conversation. Yalla! Uncle Saleh's Arabic Conversation

An open Arabic conversational group that welcomes any level from beginner to native speaker.
NOTE: You will see the ZOOM LINK after you RSVP. But you may get an error clicking it in the Meetup page, COPY AND PASTE THE LINK TO A BROWSER and it should work. I will also try to email everyone the day before.
We may experiment with a breakout room again this next time. If you have a problem getting on, check the comments section of the Meetup or you can call my cell at[masked].

Let's talk and see each other online!
Uncle Saleh may join by phone to say Hi! He has been able to make the past few online meetings.

RSVP on Meetup to get the link. We have had people from other cities and countries in recent Zoom calls. We have also had a healthy mix of learners and native speakers.

We will be on Zoom for the foreseeable future. We have some sad news that our old meeting place in Berkeley Au Coquelet has gone out of business. We thank them for their support over the years. Let us know of ideas for alternate meeting places for when we return to in person.
The Arabic language learning continues with this series by Uncle Saleh!!

Saleh has formally taught both Arabic and English courses. He has a deep grammatical understanding of both Arabic Fus-hah and Levantine Amiyah, so come with questions.

It's always a fun time and a great learning experience with Saleh! All levels are welcome.

We speak, we write (if we are ready for that) and we always LAUGH! We may form smaller groups to accommodate different levels of Arabic learners.

NO BOOK IS NEEDED. Uncle Saleh prepares a different handout for each session. It includes Arabic text, English translation and sometimes the transliterated Arabic to English so you can read along in Arabic while reading English text. Empowering!


See the above link that describes a typical Uncle Saleh/Yalla Arabi event!

Learn about Uncle Saleh from this article written by Yalla Arabi member Laurie Winestock:


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