What we're about

This is a series of hikes I'll be hosting on sunny weekends to explore the castles and ruins in the forested hilly landscape of the Basel, Solothurn, and Aargau areas.

The hikes will be taken from a locally famous series of books "Wandern mit dem U-Abo", and can be accessed by public transportation with an U-Abo or regional day pass.

I discovered these trails and sites in my early days in Basel and would love to share with new-comers and long-time Baslers alike!

Disclaimer: These are not guided tours. You're coming along on an adventure with the organizer. Oftentimes we take unexplored paths to obscure locations, and the maintenance of the path is not guaranteed. All risks are the individual's, but if there's something that you feel uncomfortable with or is beyond your abilities, please let the organizer know and the best effort will be made to accommodate.

Past events (26)

Return to Castle Wildenstein

Bahnhof Basel SBB Front entrance

Castles Urgitz - Schenkenberg hike through the Aarau hills

Bahnhof Basel SBB Front entrance

"Heavenly" hike from Himmelried to Castle Zwingen

Bahnhof Basel SBB Front entrance

Sunset hike to Castle Pfeffingen and meteor shower watching

Bahnhof Basel SBB Front entrance

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