What we're about

This group was started because I wanted to train with people using Kettlebells and have fun doing so. I was first introduced to Kettlebells in 2008, then was certified in 2009, and have been teaching classes and workshops ever since. I wanted to create a Free meetup group to get people to learn how to use this tool safely and effectively to help them with their fitness and health goals and "Coffee and Kettlebells" is the result.

I enjoy helping people move better and get comfortable with learning how they can use the kettlebells they have and don't use, or the ones that are at the gym and don't get used.

This group is designed for all experience levels. I'll be working out along side everyone and if you need help during the workout, I'll be more than happy to help you.

If you're a beginner, we'll help with technique/form so you stay safe.

If you're more advanced, we'll also work on technique/form to help you stay safe and get even stronger. There are always subtle changes we can make to our technique when lifting that can help us move more efficiently.

From time to time, I'll throw in a trail run just to do something different and keep the group active. One of the reasons I was hooked on Kettlebells to begin with was how it helped my running and cardio improve. So if you see a trail run on one of the meetups, it is not a mistake.

To emphasize, this is a FREE group and I want to make sure people feel safe and don't worry about any talk of sales. I want the environment to be fun, active, and a great workout.

Past events (40)

Morning Kettlebells in the park

Moitozo Park

Conditioning with Kettlebells (Zoom Meetup)

Needs a location

Conditioning with Kettlebells (Zoom Meetup)

Needs a location

Conditioning with Kettlebells (Zoom Meetup)

Online event

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