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Hi all you poly, open, poly-friendly and otherwise non-monogamous folks!

The next East Bay Poly Potluck and Discussion Group will happen TUESDAY April 21st, at Ann G's in Oakland! (You don't have to live in the East Bay to attend. The East Bay is where we HOLD this event!)

This is a gender-inclusive event; all genders and orientations are welcome. Kids are ok with prior permission of the hostess (see below).

East Bay Poly Potluck & Discussion, 4/21 Oakland

Doors open: 5:00 for potluck & Optional SWIMMING!
Discussion at 7:30pm
Clean up begins: 9:30pm
Doors close: 10pm

Start time is intentionally relaxed, but if you will be staying for the discussion, please arrive in time to be settled by 7:30pm. Thanks!

***New RSVP process!! Please RSVP in MEETUP!

NOTE: Suggested Donation: $20 - 15 (no one turned away for lack of funds.) This donation honors and partially compensates both host and facilitator. Thank you for supporting the continued existence of our community and events!

Come join us for casual conversation, a delicious potluck dinner (ovo-lacto-pescatarian!--NO MEAT or CHICKEN!), and a pleasant evening with like-minded people. Polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly folks of all persuasions are welcome. (Kids are ok ONLY with permission from host, and adult supervision.)

Discussion topic:
Community Response to Abuse in Poly/Open Relationships

Abusive relationships happen in all sorts of relationship styles. Poly/Open relationships contain some extra vulnerabilities to predators/abusive relationships, and some extra challenges to both individuals and communities in addressing them. What do we as a community think about these things? What do we want our response to be?

Now, this is a heavy topic, I know. But there has been a lot of writing and thinking about this topic going on in various places around the US in the past couple of months, so I'm thinking it's time to start addressing it on the local levels. I'm including just a couple of link here, as a starting place for reading:

A round-up post by Alan M of Poly In the News:

Franklin Veaux's interesting and useful post on community response to abuse

I am intending to make at least a "link-round-up post" in my own blog very soon with many more interesting links on the topic, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

In the meantime, you might want to check out this tangentially related blog post I made last Fall, about Safety and Consent at my Poly Pool Parties (Next PPP is 4/25; RSVP: ; FAQ: )

CAN YOU HELP with setup or cleanup? Please write to AnnG if you can help out with setup (4:30pm) or cleanup (from 9:30 to 10pm): Ann Glucroft < [masked] >

The tradition of this potluck/discussion is to RSVP, including the names of all guests. It's held in a private home, and that way we know who's coming; it's a safety and no-surprises thing. Please RSVP in MEETUP (, and let us know what you're bringing to the potluck (in addition to your cash donation, which covers pool heating and other fixed costs.)

OR (

East Bay Poly Potluck also has a Yahoo group for discussion and announcements of interest to the East Bay poly community. If you're interested in joining, the web address is: (

Looking forward to seeing folks again soon!

Dawn (Facilitator) & Ann (hostess)


*This location is NOT close to BART. Nearest station is Rockridge or Ashby. We prefer that you try to carpool. Please indicate on the spreadsheet if you need a ride or can offer a ride. We may be able to arrange a BART pickup if necessary.

*There is street parking but Hiller Dr. is a very steep street. There is also space for 2 cars in the driveway.

*This is a lacto-ovo pescatarian household; Fish, seafood, eggs and dairy are OK; poultry, pork and other red meat are not. Also, no Bell Peppers please, as our hostess is allergic. Please plan your potluck contributions accordingly!

*Start time is relaxed, but please try to arrive in time to be settled in time for the discussion, if possible. We will try to start the discussion at 7:30pm.

*A $ 20 - 15 donation is requested, to cover costs. No one turned away for lack of funds.

*Pool is salt water and CLOTHING OPTIONAL. If you will be swimming, please bring a TOWEL, and please make a donation to the heating fund. Please make sure to be wearing clothes or have a dry towel under you when sitting down after swimming!

*KIDS: Are allowed, with parental/guardian supervision. Please check with the hostess before bringing any kids: Ann Glucroft < [masked] >

*Multiple cats are in residence!

*Scent free please and that includes essential oils, scented shampoo, deodorant, body lotions and scented laundry products too!

*Please do not attend if you have a cold or anything contagious, thanks!

(What's polyamory? See websites like Loving More (, Love Outside the Box (,, or .)

Feel free to join our Yahoo Group to get announcements of future events, and other events of interest to poly and open folk in the SF East Bay:

PS: Looking for the PPP/Poly Pool Party (which is a separate event)? More info here:

Dawn Davidson <3 <3 <3