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We offer a wide range of events—something for everyone. Singles and couples of any age welcome. {please click the blue Read more link below}

£4 per person per year gives you membership of two active groups.

Fusion https://www.meetup.com/FUSION-Ramsgate/ is for members' own ideas for events, particularly local live music often with associated food as well at sporting activities such as Petanque, Kayaks, Pickle Ball and Bat & Trap (we own our own traps) and 10-pin bowling. Prospective new members should click the NFC “Request to Join” button to get a week's FREE trial.

NFC (Not Following the Crowd) is the other main Group https://www.meetup.com/NFC-EastKent/ incudes talks, days out, gardens, museums, walks, local theatre productions, visiting speakers, opera, ballet, Shakespeare, Get-Aways, City Breaks, Church & Graveyard Tours, and so much more.

Once you “Request to Join”, Chris will send you a message about your week’s TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP and this detail will also be displayed underneath your name on the Members list.

You will need to go to the NFC site and click that “Request to Join” as well.

Once you “Request to Join”, Chris will send you a message about your week’s TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP and this detail will also be displayed underneath your name on the Members list.

There is only one week's free trial, so do both at once, to get a proper look around.


Our members are concentrated on the coast from Birchington round past Ramsgate to Deal with some from Canterbury where we used to be based. If you live outside this area the travel connections to attend many events can be difficult though the direct train and buses from central Canterbury are good.

Our third Group is Canasta Plus https://www.meetup.com/NFC-Canasta-East-Kent/ ); the plus indicates other card games which are hosted on-line often using Zoom We are also restarting some in-person games based in Minster-in-Thanet with trains in three directions Ramsgate, Canterbury and Deal. There is no requirement to live in the Birchington, Ramsgate, Deal curve to join the Canasta Group. We used this Group during the pandemic to host some zoom events which were not related to cards.


Members need to have and maintain a recognizable, recent photograph of themselves before being accepted as a full member so we can find each other at public events and identify on Zoom. MORE SMALL PRINT at the bottom regarding how, once you are a full member, you send us money for ticketed events and the location of our NO PLUS ONE policy and the GETAWAY policy both of which essentially say your membership covers you only. Any friends of yours also need to join themselves to come to events and everyone who wants to come away on holiday with us needs to have attended some local meetings first so they get known by other members.

We also have a secure, can’t be searched for, Facebook Group for news and photos.

Meetup is an American based company. We are charged about £100 each six months depending on the exchange rate at the time for us to use its platform. We also have Zoom fees to pay.

Therefore we have an annual contribution (subs) of £4 from each member renewable each year on the anniversary of you joining the group.

PAYMENT METHODS - Banking or Paym (Paypal is no longer used)

Nationwide Banking

Name Lyn Pettman

Sort Code 07-02-46

Account Number 27733150

Or by Paym

Send to Lyn’s mobile number 07463 872 468 and add your Meetup name as reference

We no longer accept payment by Paypal as their transaction fees have become unpredictable.

ESSENTIAL Please use Meetup Messages to reply to Chris or Lyn to confirm you have made your membership payment so we can identify which £4 is which! Make sure you include both your banking name and your Meetup name.

(In future, if you pay us for tickets etc. leave the message on the event.)


1. When you are attending a “buy your own ticket” event, DO NOT RSVP until you have your ticket, and then put a note in the COMMENTS stating which seat number you have booked, or, when it is not a seated event, that you have purchased a ticket.

2. If we are buying the tickets for you, as soon as you have sent us the money put a comment in the EVENT LISTING - do not sent a private message as that won’t tie the funds to the event ticket purchase. Messages to you about ticket purchase will be on the EVENT LISTING.

3. Our events are for OUR MEMBERS, we do not allow plus 1s on any of our three Groups. If you want to bring friends they need to join. Our Plus 1 policy can be found here


4. Please make sure you have read the NFC Getaway Guidance Page at:

https://www.meetup.com/NFC-EastKent/pages/29347720/Getaways_-_basic_guidance%2C_no_plus_1s%2C_messages before you book holiday travel or hotel accommodation.

If your Meetup location is not in our Birchington, Ramsgate Deal curve (or Canterbury) do drop Chris a Meetup message when you apply explaining your situation, we have members who have holiday homes in this area and are based elsewhere. We also get many new members who are on the verge of moving to this area. Obviously, your location does not matter for on-line Canasta.

We are seeking to have an active membership who have the opportunity to meet regularly on a local basis. We don’t wish to attract members who are unlikely to attend and appear to joining without the interest of meeting new people so if you are in a dozen or more meetings you will not normally be approved as a new or renewing member. (Meetups associated with professional work not counted.)

Your location is not greatly important to us as many members live elsewhere and visit East Kent on holidays or play on our Zoom events mostly on the Canasta Plus Group though most are based on coastal East Kent from Birchington around Ramsgate to Deal though several are Canterbury based from when the group was based there.

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Bat & Trap in Broadstairs

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Picnic & Drinks at The Lanthorne

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Hendrix, Clapton & Cream fans! Whitstable

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Sunday Lunch @ Belle Vue Tavern

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Hythe Late Summer Festival 2021

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