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This group was formerly called Nutrition as Medicine, but the very busy physician founder has stepped down, so we're removing the "Medicine" designation. Now we are Whole Food for Optimal Health - Baltimore Support Group.

Participants encourage and support others who are open to moving in the direction of a whole-foods, plant-based diet though discussion, recipes, coaching, short videos, delicious food. It is not necessary either to go vegan, or even aspire to this. Anyone open to the idea of moving in this direction is more than welcome. We are especially interested in welcoming beginners: people with little or no experience with this kind of eating and not sure how far they want to go with this.

We are passionate about helping others because we know from personal experience that a transition is possible, taste buds do change as we gradually learn to appreciate, and love, the taste of real food. During the transition, people like it more and more as they learn more about food preparation, and as their taste buds change.

We believe in avoiding pressure, encouraging people not to give up the foods they are used to (if they don't want to, or are not ready for this), but instead, just to try new foods and recipes at first. We believe everyone should go at their own pace, and enjoy the journey.

This is for people interested in preventing, treating or in some cases reversing common health conditions like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and possibly auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, as well as migraines, stomach and intestinal conditions like GERD, irritable bowel disease, and many others.

It is also for people who just want to learn new recipes and food preparation ideas, and who may want to learn more about nutrition and share delicious food with others.

Participants who may attend include a medical doctor (Joe), a registered dietitian (Emily), health coaches (Jamila and Vlad) and a nutrition educator (group coordinator Margie). We are not looking for new clients. There are no ulterior motives; we participate as volunteers.

Ideally participants can bring a dish to share, but it is not mandatory if someone finds it difficult to pull this off (coming directly from work, for example). If someone finds it difficult to bring a dish, something store-bought, or fruit, is always appreciated, so we don't run short of food. But if someone finds it a challenge to bring food, they should COME ANYWAY (and bring friends).

The dish should be vegan, i.e. no meat (including poultry), fish, dairy or animal products. And not too much, if any, SOS (salt, oil or sugar). We require that participants list the ingredients on a piece of paper with their name and the name of the dish.

We usually show one or more short videos about food, cooking or nutrition, and we take great care to pick out the most informative, interesting videos. But mostly it's about discussion and mutual support, with plenty of food preparation tips, and ideas on how to deal with cravings and whatever barriers people may be experiencing.

There is a buddy system where participants can share contact info and help each other for more support.

Meetings may also feature a raffle with free cooking items given away.

It's OK to contact Margie (mobile: 410-375-5803, mroswell@gmail.com) with any questions. We all hope to meet you soon!

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