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What we’re about

If you want -- or are about to -- make a big change in your personal or business life, there are three key tasks you'll need to do on your own.

• Think through issues by crafting the right questions.

• Create clarity by releasing tension in your body and mind.

• Be your own coach by engaging your inner navigator for insight.

Have you ever made a decision that logically made sense, but felt bad – and proved to be bad later? At our meetups, you’ll learn how to tap into intuitive wisdom you already have. 

I have taught research subjects, patients, nurses and staff at Stanford University and other settings on self-care topics, including intuition, energy healing, mind-body skills, and stress management. I am the author of a review article on energy healing in Orthopaedic Nursing, a peer-reviewed journal.

If you are getting ready for a change in your life, join our next meetup and experience how it can help you.