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Are you the person who picks up a non-fiction book, hoping to discover a new world of possibility or to improve your understanding of yourself or how the world works? Do you read a new book because you want to learn a new tip or trick to better design your life, or because you are open to have your worldview changed or you want to pick the brain of an important visionary leader you look up to?

Are you the person who, after reading a life-changing book, cannot stop talking about it to your friends, family and colleagues? Maybe you even like sharing those new insights with a complete stranger over a coffee or with a beer or glass of wine in hand?

Then, maybe..., just maybe you are the like-minded individual we are looking for to become part of our Tribe Of Books! In Tribe Of Books we read and discuss outstanding and timeless non-fiction books from all walks of life to reach a deeper level of understanding. Moreover, we try to distill the knowledge they contain into actionable advice to improve people’s everyday lives. For the last two years, we have been doing this with a small group of interesting people in Ghent. However, we want to expand the Tribe...

Leave your contacts below, so we can better inform you about our future Tribe Of Books events, special offers and to share some nuggets of book wisdom from time to time. We promise to keep it light and only for special occasions!


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Tribe of Books Ghent - The Wim Hof Method by Wim Hof

Online event

Tribe of Books Ghent - Atomic Habits by James Clear

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Tribe of Books Ghent - 'Stillness Is The Key' by Ryan Holiday
Tribe of Books Ghent - In Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan

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